Like every other woman in the world, a Nigerian woman wants to love and more, be loved by the person she loves. She wants a man who will dote on her and make her feel like the only lucky girl on earth. Where most people think of her as a complicated person who is unsure of what she wants or is always attracted to only beautiful things, the Nigerian woman wants her man to love and respect for who she is and not what the society says she is. Listed below are some of the ways to love a Nigerian woman as she deserves:


1. BE ATTENTIVE: pay attention to everything about your woman. If not everything, almost everything. Remember her birthday, your anniversary, the little details about her. Let her know that you care deeply about everything she represents. She wants to know that her man is concerned about her and not just her body. Keep in mind that it is the little things that matter the most.


2. NO COMPARISON GAME: we are all unique and can never be like another person. Never ever compare her with an ex or your relationship with your friends’ or family member’s relationship. Comparing can make you really unhappy with your relationship. No one wins the comparison game, so do not play it. Base your relationship on the evaluation of what both of you need, not on the relative relationship success of those around you.

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3. THE PAST IS NOT THE FUTURE: we all have a past; there is no one without a skeleton in his/her cupboard. Therefore, do not limit your relationship by your experiences or disappointments of the past. Your relationship history is not your future. Do not be afraid of starting all over and starting afresh too. Avoid taking your mistakes into your new relationship but learn from your mistakes so it won’t repeat itself. If she tells you her past, never criticize her. That is one of the fastest way to push a Nigerian girl away from you.


4. SHOW YOU CARE, EVEN WHEN IT’S HARD TO: conflicts and disagreements are part of every relationship and during those times, it is hard to show your partner that you love them. A nigerian girl wants to know her man cares for even at the most difficult times. It is vital to do something for her that shows her you really care about her; conflict or not. In fact, there is no better time to show your love to a nigerian girl than when you guys having a little disagreement.


5. BE RELIABLE: a nigerian girl need assurance that you will always do what you say you will do. A nigerian girl can only trust you or commit herself to you fully if you are always reliable. Do not just speak, make sure your words are tangible and meaningful. Say what you mean and do what you say you are going to do. Do not make empty promises you can’t keep. To love a nigerian woman, your word has to really be your bond.


6. BE ROMANTIC: we all want a bit of fairy tale in our relationships. Therefore, we want a man that can cook breakfast and bring it to us in bed. We want a guy that will pull his jacket off for us when we are cold. A nigerian girl wants to feel very special, so you have to be romantic. We love date nights too, it is not a white girl thing. Be prepared to do things to make her go gaga.


7. SPOIL HER SILLY: God knows where Davido found a girl that doesn’t want designer and ferrari; even guys can’t say no to flashy things. Nigerian girls want to be spoilt with the good things of life so buy your woman all the ferrari and the designer you can comfortably afford. Take her shopping when you can. Do things that will make her happy at all times and gifts definitely can do that.


8. RESPECT HER BOUNDARIES: we want a bit of privacy when it comes to certain things. Respect those things she terms as her boundaries. Do not force her to do what you want her to do and break her boundaries or you may come off as bossy. A nigerian woman wants to feel loved and not controlled.


For a Nigerian woman, be the man that will complement her. Be a man to her out of bed and in bed; if you are sexually active. Satisfy her physically, sexually, financially (there is absolutely nothing wrong with that) and emotionally.

Written by Dako Alice Temitope and was first published on 360nobs


  1. I love this piece especially the spoil her silly I mean who doesn’t want that and respect her boundaries. Love love love this

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