Many of us are very worried about the rate of career growth in their areas of specialization, especially in the modern corporate days. We may ask ourselves how we can measure our career progression, I know many will measure by improvement of payment and job promotion. However, many organizations have paper work elaboration on the importance of development, but little is experienced by the employees, since less effort is done on authentic activities.

Just as eating vegetables, career development is very important/health aspect to everyone. Is it possible to measure the rate of career progressions? Yes, by analyzing or assessing the lagging and leading indicators of a career. Lagging are those factors that change when career development is experienced while leading factors are those factors that change before a career development is realized.

In many organization there is a very low correlation between physical plans and authentic plans. Many Managers concentrate on filling forms and completing the work that they are directly accountable. The keenness of the employer on the welfare of the staff is very significant measure on how the career development is attached importance. Wellness indicators can also be used to predict the successfulness of a career, for instance how is absenteeism trend?  The upward-movement of the quality in production also indicates career development is growing. When errors are down and quality is up, we may likely experience career development.

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What to do?

This is how I will challenge you to do. Try out!!

  1. Jot down the steps you like your career to take.
  2. Think critically on the activities you should do to move your career move into the next step.
  3. Closely monitor and examine what you can measure in the above critical activities.
  4. Choose at least one activity to track for the next month
  5. In end of month re-examine what you have achieved in those activities and choose what to focus on

Choosing a set of goals and activities to zero in and come up with performance metrics to measure growth, will lead to career growth within yourself. Of course the hardest question is how can one earn promotion and how long? But of key in ensuring that you understand your work so that the person promoting can see you as qualified. However, that depends on how the person promoting sees you.

Another aspect that can really spark your growth is establishing an expansive network of contacts with senior managements such that you are able to know the organizational strategies and initiatives in time. Similarly, the sector you are working you should have contacts and network with competitor’s managers and personnel, this will assist in knowing opportunities as they arise.


Most people will appreciate that networking is very important aspect in career, but you will hear them naively dismiss it as a waste of time. If networking is important why can’t we take time at least every week to build some network with our peers?Lastly organizations should come up with regular events and conferences to social network their employees.


The writer is a passionate writer and aspiring Actuary

Patrick Mukunzi,

Reinsurance Expert

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