5 Reasons You Should Use Whatsapp Stories To Grow Your Brand

How To Grow Your Brand With Whatsapp Stories
How To Grow Your Brand With Whatsapp Stories

When people tell me they don’t know about Whatsapp stories and they do not use it, I’m just blank. Like really? What then have you been using your WhatsApp for?

As a brand, I have this belief that you should explore all available options of promoting yourself. Even the most laid back person in technology has a Whatsapp App, and sooner or later they would realize there exist an option where you can post stories and view them.

An awesome feature about Whatsapp stories we have not thought of is this: You don’t need to beg anyone to follow you, you don’t have to share the best captions or tweets for them to open your stories. As long as they have your number, they are stuck with you! How beautiful does that sound? (thank me later).

I used to be a Snapchat freak, and when Instagram added Stories I went, “Oh no, you shouldn’t have!” Until I realize every update on these Social Media Apps is an opportunity to put yourself out there.

Instagram stories would not allow your followers the opportunity to click on you link directly (the swipe up feature) except you have up to 10k followers and above. However, Whatsapp stories afford you the opportunity to just add a link on your stories. Just click on the pencil icon and add your link.

Organicarticle 5 Reasons You Should Use Whatsapp Stories To Grow Your Brand

If you are someone who have friends, families, Whatsapp groups, classmates, clients, customers and a host of many numbers saved on your phone, then Instagram and Snapchat can keep their followers…you already have your own followers right on your phone.

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You can download whatsapp here.

So how do you use Whatsapp Stories:

1. Post the right content.

Don’t make it too much, people get bored easily. I cannot be viewing about 10 to 30 stories a day. I’m sorry, you are not buying my data and I’m not viewing only your stories. So limit it to what is important. You have 365 days to post and you’d still have same people viewing it and more.

2. Avoid posting unrelated content.

If you are a brand, posting unrelated content to your brand may defeat the purpose. Focus on what you are trying to do achieve and some bit of humor.

3. Be a bit Personal.

Okay, not every time brand, brand and brand. Be personal. People want to see more of you. Put your cute pictures out there, your funny videos and your precious moments. People will definitely open your story once your name pops up. I had a proud moment one day when one of my colleagues told my boss if they have been following my Whatsapp Stories, that she uses them to unwind after a long day.

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4. Check on your contacts.

So it’s not about blinding their screen with your face, brand or market. When you see a person constantly viewing your stories and you realized you have been out of touch with the person for a while. Message them, communicate with them and let them know you remember them. It will go a long, long way to show you appreciate them. And these people will always be ready to help promote your brand and even patronize you.

5. Unveil the products.

What a creative way to unveil or launch new products! You can give your contacts a sneak peek of your product line before it is released.

So if you are a brand, existing or new, don’t underestimate the use of Whatsapp Stories. It’s a unique way of promoting your brand and getting active response aside other social media Apps.

Do you use Whatsapp stories? Or you are one of those people who feel it is not as important as other social media apps? What are your thoughts on it? Some will argue it is too public but public is good for marketing, don’t you think so? Join the conversation, let’s have a chat.

Written by Debs of Debwritesblog


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