I am very tired of reading terrible articles online on how to make your long distance relationship work like try to communicate. Hello! communication is a necessity, it’s something you do and not try to do.

I didn’t plan for my long distance relationship, when we started we didn’t say, “Oh so we’ll not see each other for months”. It’s something that happened with personal growth. A lot of us don’t plan for Long Distance Relationship it just happens and it hits you and you have to thrive because of love and you’ve chosen to be with this person. A planned long distance relationship is not easier.

Before we get into this, you need to understand that a lot of people share advises you don’t need. Like the person advising you about what your partner is supposedly doing is mostly in your part of the world and trying to tell you what your partner in the other part of the world doing.

You have to drop people like this or make them stop talking negatively about your relationship. A Long Distance Relationship is difficult itself to stay in and listening to negative talks is just going to fill you with doubts which will you want to give up on it.

Wanted this article to cover both sides not just from a lady’s point of view but from a man’s also so I asked my man to help with some tips. I combined our tips together, hope you take them to heart and allow them help your long distance relationship easier.

Your relationship does not have to make sense to anyone apart from you.

Before I continue with my points, I’ll love to say that this article is not for people that are with partners that don’t treat them right or are one legged in the relationship. This is 2018, it’s for people that have decided to love and grow with each other not just romantically but all round, people that understand that they have someone to tell why they switched off their phones.

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Tips to Help Your Long Distance Relationship Thrive

Stop Doing The Same Old Thing

I’ll say ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good night’ can be things to be said every day, very important. You know “how was your night’ and all of that but saying and communicating only by chatting or texting is honestly not enough. Video calls? Long voice calls? Flirting with each other on twitter, posting each other’s pictures here and there.

These little things are important, let your partner wake up to nice morning messages (be genuine please, don’t copy from Google) or a sweet voice note, order clothes and other things they need online and have it delivered to their doorstep, surprise them, and food too please. Food is very important. Also, give back what you get, everyone deserves to be spoiled.

Let Go of Past Disappointments

I can’t tell you how important this is because without trust, a long distance relationship will not thrive and if you are still holding on to old issues, you can’t trust.

There’s a reason why we have chosen to be with our partner and one of which I’ll like to think is because we feel safe with them so when something happens that hurt that peace of mind, it’s honestly hard to forgive, so I’m not going to advise you to just get over it, take your time to feel your pain but make sure your partner knows that you’re trying to trust them again.

When you keep them in the dark they may get weaker and give up on you forgiving them. All of this happens slowly and weakens the relationship.

Don’t Give Space for Dangerous Situations Even if You Trust Yourself

In a long distance relationship, you yearn for personal touch more than you can imagine so being in places that can get you triggered is a very bad idea. If it’s alcohol, drink it in your room alone or with girlfriends/boyfriends. This may seem stressful but it’s easier than explaining why something happened like this or like that.

Talk dirty

Jason Durelo’s talk dirty is playing in my head, lack of physical touch is the curse of long distance relationship, you have to make sure you are in your partner’s mind all day, talk dirty, send sexy pictures, be freaky!

I will really love to give you more tips, just leave me a comment below if you enjoyed this and would want to read more.

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