How To Care For And Prevent Pimples On Your Face

how to care for your pimples
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Most times looking at the mirror, and seeing pimples on your face really makes you want to burst, squeeze, or pop them out, as the always show up at very important days.

To some, it is a ‘sign’ to know whenever their monthly menstrual cycle is about to begin. To others, being under series of stress can cause these pimples to show up on their faces.

Preventing or caring for pimples goes beyond avoiding or reducing oily intake, and oil based product or makeup on your face.

Organicarticle How To Care For And Prevent Pimples On Your Face
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It should be known that pimples and acne forms when excess oil clogs up our pores, and it’s caused by

  • Bacteria which is responsible for the inflammation,
  • Excessive shedding of dead cells
  • Excess oil which clogs pores to form a nice place for the bacteria to live in
  • Over production of the sebaceous gland, responsible for oil production.


1Always wash your face at LEAST TWICE DAILY (morning & night). Washing the face clears the face off dirt, makeup, excess oil, etc., built up on the surface of the skin. Please avoid scrubbing your face with a rough cloth, or sponge, this could cause irritation, especially those who have very sensitive skin.  Dry your face with a dry clean towel.

2. Exfoliating the face could help prevent pimples.

3. Use a good moisturizer to prevent the skin from getting dry. Ensure that you use a moisturizer best suitable for your skin, to avoid breakouts or irritations. Before you apply, make sure your hands are clean.

4. Stop over-loading your skin /face with excess beauty products, (facials, makeups, lotions, creams, gel). All these should be applied lightly on the face, and should be removed/wiped/washed off after it has served its purpose for the day. The more they stay longer after serving its purpose, the more these products clogs the pores ,thereby causing breakout.

5. Avoid touching your face at all times, and also squeezing or bursting, or popping the pimples. The more you use bacteria infested hands on your face the more likely you are going to have pimples. But if you must pop or squeeze out your pimples, please don’t do so too early out of fear because, this could result in permanent scars. Ensure that you wait for till the pimple has formed a white head, which means that the pus is close to the surface, and it’s ready. Softly and carefully pop/squeeze/burst the pimple with a clean hand, or cotton wool.

6. Eat healthy food, drink lots of water, and stay away from unhealthy oily foods, (fried stuffs), groundnuts too, inasmuch as skin differs, it is always advisable to drink lots of water, eat vegetables and fruit. All these could help to help detoxify your skin.

Organicarticle How To Care For And Prevent Pimples On Your Face
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7. Protect your skin from the sun in any protective way, either by using products that have sunscreen protection in them, SPF 20 and above, or wearing a hat.  Overexposure to sunlight may sometimes result in the production of more sebum.

8. Using creams, medication and treatment. You could use creams as well as medication to treat your pimples, but before you try any of those skin treatment or cream, ensure you go for a skin test or ask A DERMATOLOGIST to prescribe, the perfect one for your skin. Let’s not forget the fact that all skin types are not the same, so one doesn’t go about thinking that what works for A would work for B.

You could also use natural home remedies such as:

  1. Tea tree oil, because of its anti-bacterial properties. For effective use, it can be diluted with witch hazel, or lavender oil.
  2. Ice cubes, because it shrinks the pores causing the pores to be smaller and tighter which results to non-entry of the bacteria that cause the infections that lead to pimples / acne.
  3. Lemon Juice Extract. Because lemon has a lot of minerals beneficial for protecting the skin from acne outbreak.  One of the best ways will be to apply the juice on the face and allow it to rest for ten minutes before washing the face with cold water. One could also add lemon to drinking water and consume as well.
  4.  Pure honey. Honey locks moisture in skin cells leaving the skin super hydrated, because dehydrated skin is one of the major reasons for excess sebum production.
  5. Tomato has anti-oxidants which protect your skin from being damaged by the free radicals causing acne.

The presence of pimples on the skin, especially the face, could cause anxiety and embarrassment. But ensure that whatever comes in contact with the face, is always clean all the time.

I believe if you try all these simple steps, or guidelines, you would be able to maintain a healthy skin.

Is any of this helpful? Which are you guilty of? And which tip will you be consistent with?

Written by Adaeze


  1. These all are effective and inexpensive beauty treatments. I use honey regularly on my skin and it provides healthy, younger looking and glowing skin. Thanks a lot for sharing these great tips.

  2. It looks easy and useful tips to remove pimple. I got some pimples on my face which causes irritation but for better results, I should try to tip one of them to remove whitehead. Thanks.

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