5 Must Have Skin care Products For Every Woman


So, if you’re a woman and you don’t have a skin care routine, you should hide your face in shame; yes, we really mean that especially because healthy, glowing skin does a lot to boost a woman’s morale. A woman with a good skin care products and regimen becomes more confident in her skin and stops hiding behind layers of makeup products that are even more damaging to the skin than you can imagine.

In fact, it is no secret that women who look younger than their age take really great care of their body by eating healthy, drinking plenty water and of course, having an ideal day to night skin care routine. And because we care about our readers and we want them to glow beautifully this year, we have compiled 5 must have skin care products every lady must have to achieve that all round beautiful and healthy glowing skin.


We can never over-emphasise the importance of exfoliating. Exfoliating removes built up dead skin cells and speed up new skin cell production. It also helps to unclog pores, reduce blackheads, breakouts, redness and also diminishes wrinkles. Exfoliating also helps to build collagen and even out your skin tone and you should exfoliate at least once a week, depending on the type of skin you have. For those with oily, combination skin, which is common in Nigeria, we advise your exfoliate 3 times weekly. When purchasing exfoliators, we advise that you stay away from chemically processed ones as they may irritate your skin further especially for those with sensitive skin.

Organicarticle 5 Must Have Skin care Products For Every Woman
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We recommend organic scrubs or exfoliants like sugar based or coffee based scrubs with essential oils or fruity enzymes as they remove dead cells and leave your skin hydrated and they are not just perfect for all skin types but are also easy to get (with the rise of organic products industry, you can get a good sugar scrub from almost any vendor at a very good price) and you can easily make your own scrub in the comfort of your home with simple ingredients like brown sugar and drop of coconut oil or any of your favourite body oils or essential oils.


This one is no brainer as we all know how important it is to keep our skin moisturised all day long. We recommend a good light weight moisturizer with a broad spectrum sunscreen of a minimum SPF of 15 to keep our skin nourished and also protect it from the harsh sun rays which prevents your skin from skin problems like cancer of the skin during the day. At night, you should use a moisturizer containing elastin, collagen and essential lipids to help refresh your skin while you sleep.

Organicarticle 5 Must Have Skin care Products For Every Woman


A good toner contains anti-oxidants and skin repairing ingredients like glycerin, caramides and fatty acids that is perfect to repair and restore your skin to its youthful glory. A good toner will keep your skin smooth, remove dry patches and redness and will keep your skin looking radiant, fresher and younger. A toner is absolutely amazing and very essential to having that beautiful glowing skin you so desire.

If you have a dry skin, go for hydrating toners with rose water and for those with sensitive and oily skin, make sure you go for toners with glyocolic acid.


A good cleanser allows your face to breath by removing impurities and makeup from your skin. Without a clean face, the other products will not work at all and so the importance of a great cleanser to your skin care regimen can’t be over emphasized. For a healthy, glowing skin, make sure you stay away from cleansers with harsh synthetic ingredients and go for natural or organic cleansers that will not just keep your face clean but refresh and keep your skin healthy.

Organicarticle 5 Must Have Skin care Products For Every Woman

Eye Cream

This may sound like it is unnecessary but your eyes tell a lot about you and it is first to show signs of getting older and the goal is to look not just radiant but younger. So, it is essential to indulge in an eye cream to hydrate your under eye area, prevent wrinkles, eye bags and those things that make you look older than your age.

Organicarticle 5 Must Have Skin care Products For Every Woman
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Other products we recommend are body oils like coconut oil, Shea oil, carrot oil which are so good in getting rid of skin blemishes. You can also invest in a good face mask to pamper your skin from time to time, sunscreen and serums. We also advise that you go for organic products over chemically processed products as they have more natural ingredients that will do more good to your skin.

What’s your go to skincare routine? Which would you add to this list?


  1. I love to have revitalift for my undereye areas. Whoa! Aging is inevitable but for sure, we can age gracefully ?

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