MAKEUP || Too Much or Not Enough?

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Guys, let’s talk about makeup today, shall we?

I had a conversation with an amazing blogger theblackkbeauty sometime last week, we were sharing blog related problems and bringing up ideas for blog posts, it was more like sharing my own problem with her.

The conversation actually inspired  a lot of post ideas,  and one of which is the title of today’s post, and she said  “I for one would really love to know what guys think about makeup”.

It took me like four to five  days to draft out a mini questionnaire and send out to guys on my Whatsapp list.

Have you read Fashion/Beauty: 5 Dos To Skincare Health in 2018?

The responses I got is what I would be sharing today on the blog.


“Jesus! ? Ada! I detest a girl with excess make up! It makes me want to throw up.
Please I hope you can do something about this”.


“I don’t like seeing babe on much makeup”.


“On a normal day, I prefer a moderate make-up. It doesn’t make sense when it becomes too much.Except of course on special events like, when u have to model, act etc”


“I love a good make up on a woman, as long as it is properly done. The word is properly done, I don’t mind if it’s too much or too little as long as it enhances the beauty of the lady wearing it. And that’s what a proper makeover does, it should enhance beauty”


“I prefer little make up,but if u have to do it heavy let it fit d lady,some ladies look like ojujucalabar wen dey do make up. God help us sha”


“I detest heavy make up!. Even oyibo wey create make up no dey do heavy make up unless on specific events/occasion”.


“I personally don’t like make up but a properly done moderate make up is okay especially for ocassions, take care of your skin as a lady and you won’t even see anything to do with make up”.

So guys, over to you. What do you guys think about makeup? What goes on in your head when you see a lady in makeup? When it’s too much, do you guys even care about it? Or when it’s too light or just okay. Do you admire it? Join the discussion

Written by Niella

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