5 Foot Wears Every Woman Should Own


Foot wears are items worn on the feet majorly meant for protection of the foot. Over time, it has become way more than just protection for the feet. It has become a major part of fashion. There are tons of foot wears out there, from different sizes to shapes, styles, materials, designs, cuts, colors, you name it.

Here are five (5) must haves for every fashionable woman:


These really add a form of sauce and elegance to your outfit. They come in various forms for you to choose from. You could pick from the Stiletto to the ankle strap heels to block heels, wedge sandals, cone heels, sling back heels, pumps and so many others. The list is endless and you could find these in so many amazing colors too. We also love the fact that they can be worn with any outfit. Putting on a pair of heels could make an outfit go from Bleh to Slay in a second.

Organicarticle 5 Foot Wears Every Woman Should Own
Sandal Heels (Click Image to Purchase)


These are best for days that are less official and more of casual. A pair of sandals give you this comfortable and playful look and still make you look fashionable. These are best for days you know you’d be on your feet for a long while, days you would be running around and all of that. You could wear these to the movies, beach, and lunch out with friends, basically everywhere but work and official gatherings. Sandals are your best bet for vacations and summer time.

Organicarticle 5 Foot Wears Every Woman Should Own


Do you want to achieve that spotty yet classy look? A pair of sneakers are the best ways to pull it off! These are really fashionable and could be styled with any outfit. Yes! Any outfit. You could wear a pair of sneakers with a dress, a skirt, a pair of pants or trousers, whatever you want to put on, you could perfectly style them with a pair of sneakers for additional comfort.

Organicarticle 5 Foot Wears Every Woman Should Own
Female Sneakers

Flat shoes

These give the perfect way to escape putting on heels and still look classy and official. Putting on a pair of flats gives you a more cooperate look although, they could be styled casually. They are the best fit for work, a less casual gathering and a more formal outing. These could also be worn with any outfit of your choice but for us, we would rather wear them with a short dress or a pair of trousers plus they are extremely comfortable to walk in. It doesn’t place so much stress on you heels or on your legs. Like every other pair of shoes, they come in various designs, cuts, shapes, sizes and colors. Best get the black, for you can never go wrong with a pair of black shoes.

Organicarticle 5 Foot Wears Every Woman Should Own
Flat Shoes (Click Image)


These have no constraint around the foot heels. You could classify flip flops as one but they are way more stylish and they are more of proper shoes than they are of flip flops. These are perfect for any occasion and can be styled with any outfit of your choosing. There are the perfect escapes from the everyday shoe life. Looking for something to easily slide on without the stress of a strap of constraint on the heels and yet still look fashionable? Then the mules are your best options. You could easily switch them up from cooperate/official to casual any day, anytime.

Organicarticle 5 Foot Wears Every Woman Should Own

There are tons of foot wears out there. In the world in which we leave in today, we’ve got different styles and types of foot wears being produced on a daily. Got different designers springing up all over the place and trust me, they don’t plan to stop creating amazing products.

There are many other fashionable foot wears not listed above such as boots, jazz shoes, loafers, slip-ons, jelly shoes, huarache, bucks, court shoes, galesh, slippers, toe shoes and so many others. The list could go on forever but listed above are the basics and essential shoes that should be in every woman’s shoe collection.

So with this list, we are hoping you now have an idea of basic foot wears and now, you know what to add to your shoe collection. If you haven’t started shopping for shoes this season, what are you waiting for?

Written by Tofunmi Disu


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