Ways You Are Damaging Your Skin Without Knowing It

ways you are damaging your skin without knowing

Ladies, get in here, we are about to share some secrets on why your skin is not glowing as much as it should. Oh guys, you can take notes too as a healthy, radiant skin is not just for the ladies but for everyone. So, if you’ve been wondering why your skin is not looking so great or well, maybe you’re just curious as to what could be damaging to your skin without knowing it, we have listed some factors below:


Organicarticle Ways You Are Damaging Your Skin Without Knowing It

Heart breaking but it is so true that coffee can actually cause more harm to your skin than you can imagine. Coffee contains caffeine that dries out your skin and causes wrinkles making you look way older than your age. If you’re an ardent coffee lover, our advise to you is to keep your coffee intake to a bare minimum and drink lots of water afterwards to keep you hydrated.

Popping Your Zits

So, if you’re in the habit of always popping every pimple that appears on your face, you should stop that now as you’re only inviting more bacteria into your pores which will lead to more breakouts. If you’re going to do this, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, use a tissue paper and use a disinfectant on the broken skin when you’re done; which is a lot of work, if you ask us. We have heard leaving toothpaste on your pimple dries it out really quickly, you can try that.

Taking a Very Long, Hot Shower

Organicarticle Ways You Are Damaging Your Skin Without Knowing It

Yeah, we know this is very soothing especially after a very long day and you just need something to relax your muscle. What you don’t know? Taking too long and hot showers actually dries out your skin and leaves them scaly. So our advice is to keep your time in the shower, especially when you’re using hot water, to a barest minimum. If you can’t take a bath without using hot water, it is time to learn how to use cold water as hot water on your skin all the time may cause wrinkles.

Using Too Many Products On Your Skin

Ever heard of the saying that too much of everything is bad? Yeah, the same goes for body products. When buying products, make sure you stick with products that you have used and trusted. Even when you’re trying to use something new, make sure you read reviews online and ask for opinions before purchasing them. Do not be so quick to turn your body to a lab rat for beauty products to see what works or not. Matter of fact, no product will perform overnight miracle, so it is smart to not expect some miraculous glow when you’ve only started using the products. Using so many products at once or changing products before your skin gets used to them means you’re inviting trouble to your skin and causes more problems than you started out with.

Squinting And Frowning

If you have a habit of frowning or squinting too much, you’re going to have wrinkles earlier than you are meant to. Should you are having issues with seeing, make sure you see your doctor to have it checked instead of squinting all the time and get a sunglass too if yours is caused by the harsh sun rays. If you always frown whenever you’re displeased with something, time to stop it.

Excessive Exfoliation

Exfoliation is, no doubt, an amazing way to get rid of dead skin cells and get a radiant glowing skin but if you do it every day and every time, you’re going to ruin your skin by stripping it off its natural oils. When it comes to exfoliating and using skin care products, moderation is key.


Did I hear you say really?! Yes, our exact reaction too. Hairsprays are perfect for your hair but so horrible for your skin. To prevent your skin from chemical in hair products that may be damaging to your skin, always cover your face while applying the spray and use headbands while working out to prevent it from dripping on your face. Hairsprays also get to your pillowcases, so change your pillowcases from time to time as they have products stuck in them that may irritate your skin.

Talking on your phone, your sunglasses, skipping meals, not drinking enough water and eating junk foods are also some of the things that cause damages to your skin. For an all round radiant skin, it is very important to not just invest in good skin care products but watch what you take in, how you use these products and the things you do. Always keep antibacterial wipes handy to clean surfaces before putting them close to your skin. Wash your hands thoroughly, drink plenty water, eat healthy and hello to that glowing skin guaranteed to keep heads turning.

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