If there’s anything we humans know how to do well, it is giving excuses. Excuses have become a huge part of our lives that even things that are of grave importance to our lives and careers, we downplay it and look for a way to make sure we delay it or don’t do it at all.
What we don’t realize however is that, it has very lasting consequences and we must make a conscious effort to desist from giving excuses and just get on with it!
Stay with me!
Why should you stop giving excuses?
#1: Excuses Will  Make You an Under-Achiever
Where risk takers are, one who gives excuses incessantly can never be found there. You begin to wonder why one person is way ahead of you when you both started out together? It’s because you keep giving reasons for not doing a particular thing instead of acting out those great ideas that God has given you. Quit it and don’t be an Under-achiever.
#2: Exuses Will Make You Broke
Yes it will! Because instead of doing something that will give you at least a little change to take care of yourself, you look for 100 reasons why it will not work. Now guess who will have to start relying on other people for help? All because we can’t stop complaining. You have got to get up every morning with determination if you are going to go bed with satisfaction.
(George Lorimer).
#3:Excuses Will Make You Low and Inconsequential
Where you would normally have raised your head up high and walked with confidence, becomes a place where you’re not ‘fit’ to be. The people there don’t have two heads, they only silenced the doubts and excuse and did something about their goals and aspirations. You also can do the same, don’t give in to these ‘goal-stoppers’ called excuses.
The interesting part of this post is that while writing it, I was also talking to myself a great deal, because I realised I need to do better.
I hope you’ve been inspired too?
Are you fond of giving excuses? How do you deal with it and overcome it? I would love to know you thoughts.
Have a beautiful week ahead!
Written by Aramide of theportablehub.com


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