How To Slay in Sunglasses

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Sunglasses is the only accessory everybody must have except a cool leather belt or wristwatch. I’m talking about that magical tool that transforms your look from just cool to super hot and sexy in a second.
The perfect match for any look be it casual, athletic or formal, sunglasses are a must have of the fashionable man. However, one thing You should take into consideration when choosing one of these beauties is your face shape. You don’t want to wear a costly Ray-Ban and end up looking like a cheap knockoff.
Now you have to determine your face shape on your own while I tell you what type is tailored for you. Whatever the shape be it oval, oblong, heart, diamond, round or square shaped, there’s a pair for everyone.
Now to the types:

1. Aviator Sunglasses

My love for Aviator sunglasses is unconditional.They are sleek and super cool. To know one is quite easy. Aviators have lens area which is as big as three times the area of the eye and a very thin metal that just breathes elegance. They have  flexible cable temples that hook behind the ears. If you have an oval, heart or square shaped face, this is for you.


Organicarticle How To Slay in Sunglasses
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Organicarticle How To Slay in Sunglasses
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2. Round

Even before I read all seven Harry Potter books, I’ve been amazed at the nerdy yet classy look a round sunglasses gives. The ones by Ray-Ban are awesome too. Preferable face shapes for these are the square and oval face  shapes.
Organicarticle How To Slay in Sunglasses
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Make no mistake, the Butterfly may seem like a female thing but they’re just one of the coolest types for anyone. However, if you’re uncomfortable with it you might go for the Wayfarer.
The Butterfly’s frame is slightly smaller on the inside edge than the outside. The outside frame may also be flat on indented at the point where the arms meet the frames for a more butterfly-ish look.
Organicarticle How To Slay in Sunglasses
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Organicarticle How To Slay in Sunglasses
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4. Wayfarer

Fashion speaks volumes and what a pair of nice trapezoid shaped. It’s like wayfarers literally say; “Hey, I may look like a Yoruba demon but don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you”. It’s a mature choice for everyone especially those like me with oblong face shapes or oval shapes too.
There are a lot of other types I love like the geeky Rectangle, the Wrap, and the Shield. Whatever you choose, sunglasses can never go wrong for the perfect look.
Which is your favourite and which will you readily go for?

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