Listen wife-to-be, saying you shouldn’t have married that man after your wedding (big or small) is a little too late. But knowing you shouldn’t and taking a step back, no matter how far gone the relationship is, is very early. You would be making the right decision.
You see after marriage, that decision won’t be a mistake, it would be the choice you made, and you will have to live with it.
Have you read Why Hit A Woman?
Don’t let the fear of a lifetime of singlehood push you to settle for less than you want.
Don’t let the fear of what people are saying and will say push you to ignore red flags glaring you in the face.
Love they say is blind but trust me marriage is an eye opener. So I’ll advice you to open your eyes now and see clearly. Take some time today to consider all the things you don’t like about who you are currently with; if he never changes, can you live with them?
They say a broken engagement is better that a broken marriage, right? But hey, most people never leave their marriage. Divorce is really never simple or easy. Plus the woman is such a strong human being, she can endure much. So I’ll say to you, a broken engagement is better than an unhappy marriage.

Dear wife-to-be, please do some soul searching today. Are you happy with your choice? Are you ignoring signs that say you should disengage? Do you know enough to be making that choice for yourself?

Wake up now and make sure you stay woke.
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The writer is a marriage counsellor and  life coach. She is passionate about godly marriages and children. You can follow her on Instagram @secretplacewives.

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