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New Year Resolution: What Makes It Work And What Doesn’t



new year resolution


It’s that time of the year again, January; a month which marks the beginning of several things for different people. New lifestyle, new friends, new passion and motivation and the list is endless. All these can be summarized in one short statement – New Year Resolution.

What Is New Year Resolution?

New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life. Wikipedia

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What Makes New Year Resolution Work?

Take a trip down to the gym in this month of January and see how crowded it will be, do you still need a reason for this? It is nothing other than our beloved and much talked about New Year Resolution, monitor the gym trend up until mid February and you’ll notice a drop in gym attendance.

What does this tell you?

It takes more than mere dreaming, a week or month of consistency and penning down of resolutions to make them work.

New Year Resolution still works, if you’ll follow these steps

Set Specific Goals

In this new year, I want to lose some weight. That sounds like a goal but not a specific one. How then do I set specific goals you might want to ask? It’s easy; you want to lose some weight, how much do you weight now and how much pounds do you want to shed? Determining that makes your goal more specific.

If your goal is to save more, then decide how much you want to save each month or each week. After this, then determine how you want to go about it and stick to it.

Pen Down Those Goals

If your goals are still wandering somewhere in your head, then you’re not ready for actualization yet. Get a book, pen down your goals and keep yourself accountable. Record your progress as you carry out each goal; that way, you’re able to monitor how far you’ve gone.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Get a group of friends or family members (interested in your progress ofcourse) and share your goals with them. Let them hold you accountable; knowing at the back of your mind that there are others involved will keep you on track.

Even when you find yourself gradually lagging behind, these people will help keep you on your toes.

Have A Strong Why

By now, you must be familiar with the saying ‘when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Asides having goals, there must be reasons why you want to achieve those goals and by reasons, it refers to not just any reason.

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The reasons behind each goal must be strong enough to keep you going in periods when you feel like throwing in the towel. Make a list of why it is important to achieve these goals and the benefits on the long run.

Make The New Year Resolution About Others Too

As much as it can be quite tempting to want to make your New Year Resolution about ‘me’, put others into consideration too. When you make your goals about others too, it gives you this sense of responsibility to do all it takes to make it work.

Getting to see those goals impact lives positively is an additional boost to self confidence in seeing them to the end.

The list of what makes New Year Resolution work is endless but just as some things make it work, there are also ways your New Year Resolution won’t work.

What Won’t Make New Year Resolution Work


This is one of the common reasons why New Year Resolution doesn’t work out as planned; we get a little too overzealous when penning down those goals we want to achieve. Give yourself a break and take it one step at a time rather than try to commit to too many things at once.

Lack of Drive

It’s not just enough to set goals, you need to have a deep level of understanding of what it is you want to get done. Make sure your goals make you excited, if not; the enthusiasm to see it to the end will fade out easily.

When you set goals, never make the mistake of wanting to do something simply because someone else is doing it rather, ensure it’s a goal you’re really passionate about. When you do something you love doing, the drive isn’t far-fetched.

Lack of Confidence

There is absolutely no way success can be achieved if you lack confidence in yourself and abilities. Setting New Year Resolution and seeing it through requires deep belief in yourself, keep painting a picture of the end result right there in your mind and encourage yourself when you feel like going no further.

Whether or not people believe in you and your goals isn’t what matters, what truly matter is whether you believe in yourself and your goals.

New Year Resolution works all the time, but only if you’re willing to make the required sacrifices.

What’s your take on New Year Resolution?

Written By Alara Karis of Alarakaris Blog

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Everyone is special. We all have our uniqueness and dynamic features that distinguish us from another.
Our gender, color, tribe, religion, and race makes up our personalities and differentiates us from the other.
Our personality is defined by the brand we carry, the value we possess and the reputation we command.
God has created us Beautiful and unique but we are all still the same creatures created and preciously orchestrated by him.

Despite our differences, nature has a way of packing us in one box and making our camaraderie palpable.
We all get nourished by the pale yellow sun that emerges peacefully at dawn. We feel the wrath of the fierce sun at sunset and enjoy its invigorating essence at dusk. We all get blown away by the inertia of stillness that splurges at twilight accompanied by natures choristers enchanting in an organized symphony far beyond the range of consciousness.

We all love to watch the moon as it amazingly travels around the horizon with the stars perched around the galaxy like a chandelier. We all love and want to be loved. We all get emasculated from the changing tempos of life and get energized when we stumble on windfall success to crown our effort.
There are thousand and one ways that nature brings us together, meaning that God idea is unity and not division. Hence the capacity some of us have built, the torrent flowing knowledge we have acquired and the affluence we have gathered along the aisles of togetherness should not disassociate us from each other in as much as we all still fly on natures wings, we’re still the same.

Let us not understand our differences but let’s forget them and move ahead as comrades in the battle with the behemoth called LIFE and defeat him together. Whether old, young, male, female, fair, dark, big or small, peace is the only answer to the myriads of question forming in our minds. Let the peace serum be inserted into our daunted soul to douse our palpable tension.
All that matters is not what you have become but who you really are.


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To many of us, Noah’s ark arouses a lot of thoughts in our minds and especially to the Christians. We all believe the only lesson learned in this story is being obedient to God but that’s not all there is to the story.

Looking back and I pondered on this story I realized that there is a lesson we are all missing in it. The question we have all refused to ask ourselves is ‘HOW DID THE SNAIL GET INTO THE ARK?’ the snail by its nature is a very slow and sluggish animal but it eventually entered the ARK that some humans could not enter.

This must sound a note of warning to us all. Don’t ever think your progress is too slow. The one step you take now is a step closer to your dreams. You can never be too late for the success pitch. No matter how slow your going might be, what matters is that You are moving, you are not where you used to be. The steps you take each day gets you an inch closer to your goals.Unmask

Never give up on yourself. You are making progress believe me, dear, Once your will to never quit becomes stronger each and everyday ; your dreams would never quit on you. Quitters are COWARDS.

When you are running your race at your own pace, you are liable to get better results. A lot of people who thought their progress is too slow and had to run the way others do end up frustrated. You are who you are. There’s no replica and it’s just you in this race.

Don’t be pressured by other people’s success. Look at yourself, be motivated to operate at your own best level. While on the success track there are going to be ups and downs, emptiness, depression, failures name it; what matters is that you never drop your baton. In Olympic games, it does not matter who comes last, whoever crosses the line as a runner will be celebrated.

Long Desire

This same logic applies to success. It is not about getting there before others, it is about you fulfilling your destinies here on earth at your appointed time. Be encouraged today if the snail could make it into the ARK then you can make it to your goals in life!!!

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There is power in thoughts. A liquid potency that blazes through hurdles and shatters all barriers. Thoughts are spiritual elements that shape the physical.
If you cultivate good thoughts, it will reflect in your life positively. If you cultivate the wrong thoughts, you will reflect in your life negatively.
Thoughts can make or break us.
So, what goes on in your head? What are your fears? What is that shame that keeps lurking around? What is that regret you have been feeding? Thoughts are powerful, so be brutal in assessing them.
Never permit negative thoughts. Push them out of your mind. Most people spend hours praying and fasting believing that some spiritual force has tied them when infact, they are the ones limiting themselves.
You can lie to everyone but you can not lie to yourself. Deep down, if you believe you are not good enough, it will reflect in your life. If you believe you are not loveable, you will keep experiencing heartbreaks. If you believe that you are not good at business, your business will keep collapsing.
Reality feeds on our thoughts. The physical realms taps the frequency of our minds.
Today is a great day to reexamine ourselves. Dig up those negative thoughts buried in the depths of your mind and fling it out the window.
Breath deep today. Be alive today. Walk tall today. Live right today. Bury your fears today. Raise your shoulders today.
Today, a secret has been given to you. Take the baton and begin the race to build the life of your dreams.
Remember, Today is a great day to reexamine ourselves. Dig up those negative thoughts buried in the depths of your mind and fling it out the window. It all begins from that tiny thought in your mind.
Written by Chioma Ngaikedi.

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