Dead Men's Path

Dead Men’s Path 4

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Dead Men’s Path 4 “I realize that you two do not know where you stand,” Hikinfield said, his voice taking an ominous, threatening tone. The […]

Dead Men's Path

Dead Men’s Path 3

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Dead Men’s Path 3   The morning for former congressman Hikinfield came with exercise. It was something that he started immediately his wife died of […]



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THE TOURIST EPISODE 4   We came into the world, Empty handed. Like tourists At a viewing sight, We take nothing… Nothing Senator Gani of […]

Child Marriage

27/11/2018 Organicarticle 1

Child marriage is rampant in Africa because of some factors like poverty. Parents push their daughters into an early marriage to make sure the financial […]

Child Abuse

17/11/2018 Organicarticle 3

Child Abuse   The term child abuse goes beyond physical abuse of Children It deals with the behavior of parents, caregivers, other adults or older […]

Her flames

10/11/2018 Organicarticle 1

Her flames Present day “You guys are amazing’ Victoria finally opened up after a long time spent in silence. Her slow, teary voice made it […]


10/11/2018 Organicarticle 2

WELL WOMAN A good woman is a praying woman, a praying woman is a successful woman, a successful woman is a happy woman, a happy […]


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INSECURITY There are different people who have different behavioral patterns. Some strive at perfection, some just do it, some are nonchalant, some live as they […]

Society Says

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Society Says There are many times we want to do something, most times, something out of the ordinary but… the fear of what the society […]