Birthdays are the best days of everyone’s life. On this day, not only we put an effort to make the other person special but we also give presents to put on a lasting memory on their big day. When it comes to your significant other, the more attention you give the better. Some even prepare weeks ahead to make their husbands or wives days special. Others just make memories by keeping in mind the right thing that makes others happy. If your husband’s birthday is around the corner, read the suggestions below to make his day a fine one.

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Breakfast in Bed

Little details can have a lasting impression on others. If it is a holiday, make sure you are putting extra effort into the breakfast. Even if it is a workday, try to get up early and make all the yummy breakfast items that your husband loves. This will automatically brighten up their mood as well as day.

Collect Little Gifts

It does not matter that you give a giant, expensive single gift to your spouse on their big day to make them feel loved. What you can do is that you can buy small gifts whenever you find them on your way to the market and present them all on the big day. Some people actually find small gifts better than one large gift. Try adding t-shirts, PJs, a video game CD, their favorite movie, and other small details and there is Up to 50% discount of family outwear on Shopko Promo Code.

Hide Birthday Notes

Another amazing thing you can do is that you can write cute birthday notes and hide them into places to which your husband will reach around the day. For instance, you can place one on his car’s front view mirror or you can have it stick to his shaving cream in the bathroom. You can also hide some in his clothes’ pockets. This idea is fun for those who are into written notes.

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Play Treasure Hunt

We have written earlier about presenting small multiple gifts to your hubby. Why not be a little adventurous and hide these gifts around the house. If you are a little daring like Amy Dunne from Gone Girl, reach out to his office and hide some stuff there. Write clues through which your husband can figure out where all the gems are hidden.

Incorporate all these ideas along with a fancy homemade dinner to make the man of your life feel loved. It will automatically make his dull day into an unforgettable one.


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