Neck Pain and Chiropractic Pain Management GA

Neck Pain and Chiropractic Pain Management GA

Today’s contemporary living entails so many hours of hunching over workstations and driving, which plays havoc with the way the neck functions. Hence, this causes neck pain to be the second most common pain problem that chiropractors treat. Although neck pain is not so common compared to the low back pain, thousands and sometimes, millions of people experience neck pain at some stage of their life before they seek chiropractic pain management GA.

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Neck pain may result from abnormalities in the muscles, soft tissues, nerves, and ligaments as well as in the joints and bone of the spine. One of the most common causes that chiropractors identify and treat is soft tissue problems, prolonged wear, and tears abnormalities. In many people, this is also a source of pain in their upper back, arms and shoulders. When neck pain results, it causes muscle strain and you may experience stiffness and aches that spread to the forearm and upper arm.

Pain shooting and spreading down the arm into the fingers and hand can be a symbol of having a pinched nerve or some nerve entrapment in the region of the neck. When a nerve pinches in the neck, weakness, and numbness, as well as pain in the arms and hands, occurs.

Usually, disc injuries are rare but it remains one of the most regular causes of nerve entrapments.

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Common Causes of Neck Pain

You should know there are so many contributing factors that lead to neck pain, including overuse, trauma, poor posture and wear and tear. Ultimately, this can lead to pain because of the injuries that surround the spine, such as ligaments, joints, muscles, nerves, discs and blood vessels. Some of the common causes of neck pain reported by specialists such as those at Kroll Care include:

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Sometimes, sudden neck movements or the head movement forwards, backward or even sideways can lead to problems like “whiplash”. Such trauma could result from sports injuries, car accidents or accidents at work. If you encounter neck injuries such as a whiplash, you may want to consider seeking chiropractic examination. Most often, whiplash results from road accidents. The collision and its impact cause a sudden jerk in the head back and forth, way beyond its limits. As a result, it causes unbearable pain and if you ignore seeing a chiropractor, it could worsen up.

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Bad Posture

Chiropractors often recognize that poor posture is a factor that contributes to spinal pain. Often, poor posture results due to existing muscle pain or imbalance, bad habits, and other problems. Having a bad posture also contributes to you developing muscle imbalance and pain. When you sit for prolonged periods on an office chair, this can also lead to spinal health problems. Sitting also doubles the pressure on your lower back and the discs in your back.

Within no time, the static posture will affect your muscles in the neck, lower back, legs, and arms. The muscles will then prefer to remain in use dynamic rather than engaging in static activities, the reason why they depend on the movement to enhance the flow of blood in the musculature. This is quite important as it helps to flush buildup of lactic acid away and other by-products in the muscles that result in excruciating pain.

Note that the postural muscles are also the main ones that will likely suffer and prolonged sitting will cause the muscles supporting the spine to weaken within no time. As the muscles experience fatigue or weaken, this results in the upper back more slumped, hence causing a slumped posture. Such a posture will cause musculoskeletal stress and in turn lead to headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, tingling in the hands, arms, numbness, and pain in the shoulder blades.

Over a few days, the poor sitting posture and incorrect ergonomics at work can damage the spinal structures and become the cause of recurrent pain episodes.

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Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

When you consult your chiropractor, they will use a combination of manual therapies as well as other techniques as a part of the plan of treatment for the neck pain. Here are some of the manipulation techniques that chiropractors use.

  • Specific Spinal Manipulation: this helps to restore the joint movement through gentle thrusting techniques.
  • Flexion Distraction Technique: this is the gentle manipulation of the hands, involving a pumping action on the invertebral disc rather than the application of direct force.

Other therapies they may use to treat neck pain include:

  • Therapeutic massage to help the tense muscles relax
  • Manual joint resistance and stretching techniques to help the neck pain reduce
  • Trigger point therapy to relieve tight and painful points on a muscle.

Regardless of why you have the neck pain, it is highly important that you deal with it sooner than later. Note that the longer you experience the problem, the longer it will take you to get rid of it. If you have any early signs, such as tiredness or stiffness, make sure that you consult a chiropractor near you.

Ever experienced neck pain or muscle pain before? How did you manage or treat it? Share your experience with us in the comment section.




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