Are Lagosians Really Impatient Or We All Are?


I was in Lagos for a few days and all I could see everywhere is impatience. Lagosians are impatient lots! There’s no state where there is no chaos but some chaos can be well managed if patience can be applied.

Organicarticle Are Lagosians Really Impatient Or We All Are?
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My Lagos Experience

From the face of the student trying to get the bus first to avoid been punished, the late worker struggling to drive past the narrow road first, the bike man who can’t wait to complete this trip and pick the next passenger, the passengers who keep screaming the head of the driver down to pass the wrong road to beat the traffic and those who keep shouting no to avoid further delay when caught!

So much chaos and noise everywhere!

I was supposed to go to Ajah from Ikorodu, and I ended up spending the day on the road. It was as though I had missed my way, I could not cry. For next time, I was advised however to travel by water. I hope my fear of water will allow me try it.

Why do I feel everyone in Lagos is always in a rush? Is it because they don’t always leave home early enough, or because they can’t wait to get something done quickly?

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I was born in Lagos and I know this drill but I never knew how absurd it was until I had lived in other states and I saw how calm and better it could be. Less traffic, less angry drivers and calmer commuters.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and I told him “I couldn’t wait to leave Lagos because of its craziness.”

He was like, “Without the craze in Lagos, Lagos will just be like Ado.”

What’s Your Verdict?

What he means by the above statement is that Lagos will just be boring and less of a city than it is without all this craze (impatience, noise, absurdity).

I had so much places to touch but at the end of day, I always arrived home knocked out and will feel lazy to step out the next day. The thought of the traffic and rush I’d meet out sef always make me respect myself and stay at home.

I would have said it’s because I stayed on the mainland but I hear complaints from Islanders too, so I guess it’s a general issue.

Lagos is just one crazy town!

Original Lagosians, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with me that impatience is one of the reason Lagos is the way it is or do you think impatience is everywhere and Lagos is just the way it is because it’s Lagos.

*Ado is a state in the south western part of Nigeria.

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Written by Debs of Debs Corner.

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