To Every Florence Out There


Florence looked into thin air, head slightly bent down, one thumb rubbing aimlessly on her other thumb. I know her outward appearance was nothing compared to what she was feeling deep inside. She finally cleared her throat, and continued our conversation.


“I’m studying Industrial Chemistry presently but I don’t have an iota of passion for it. I love to write and writing is the number one thing that gives me joy. Sometimes, I lock myself away from the world and write away for hours. Nothing else can take that much of my time. I’m single now though, so I don’t know how it’ll be when I have a partner, since he’ll also need a portion of my time and attention.”


“That’s great!” I replied “As a writer myself, I love it when young minds say these things. It means there are still go-getters in the creative space.”

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For the first time during our conversation, she looked me in the eyes. Her eyes looked forlorn, and they were full of questions.


“But I don’t think I want to write anymore. My friends are telling me to be serious and realistic with my life. They say writing is not a lucrative field and I can’t be as financially comfortable as I want to be. They said even though I’m a good writer, while my mates are working in banks, oil and gas firms, building & construction companies, health, insurance, and the rest, I’ll be scribbling words that people may not even read. Also they said…”


She went on and on, pouring out all she had held up inside and I sat there attentively, patiently waiting for her to finish her very valid epistle. It was a very long epistle of someone with skepticism in the efficacy of her passion.


“Florence, if what you studied in school should solely and strictly determine how rich you become, would you have studied Industrial Chemistry?”


“I don’t think so”


“What then would you have studied?” I asked, resting back in my seat.


“Banking and Finance… Maybe” She replied with a slight giggle.


“Excellent reply. But do you know why bankers aren’t the richest people in the world?”


“Err… Why?”


“Simply because according to my personal stat and from close interaction and observation, 80% of bankers don’t even know how they ended up there, what they’re still doing there, or when they’ll leave there. Cash isn’t money to them but tools of the trade. Just the same way a lot of people, due to pressure have turned themselves into professional robots, dying slowly from the routine, living solely for month end.


We live in a world where a lot of fishes are up in the sky with borrowed wings, praying and yearning for water; and a lot of birds are deep down in the waters, drowning and gasping for air. A wise man once told me – You don’t want to get to the top of your career ladder, only to realize it has been placed against the wrong wall.


Florence, your friends, just like the society have lied! Look at people like John Grisham, Stephen King, James Patterson and “Mummy” J.K. Rowling and see the truth. Exactly what makes you tick should make you rich.

Fan that little fire of your passion. Fan it so hard and make the world feel the heat.

Hope that answers your question”


To every Florence out there –

Go and build a business around your passion, so you understand how it feels, being paid to do “nothing”.


Written By Alara Karis of Alarakaris Blog



  1. but did you really see Florence? she has a tale/story for each one

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