Ever heard some pickup lines and you get so angry you won’t even think of a response?

You had just met this guy and you are still trying to weigh him if he is worth your time or not. Your relationship is just in its DM stage and he goes like…ble Pickup Lines

“Hello”- This is now recurrent especially to start a conversation.

“Good morning” –It is obviously morning.

“How are you?” – What will you do if I am not fine?

“How was your night?” – I obviously slept all through the night.

“Did you sleep well?” – Oh no, you just asked me how my night was!

“What’s for breakfast?” – Are you bringing me food?

“What are you doing at the moment?” – I am not jobless Mr! So I am definitely working at the moment.

“You did not even bother to check up on me?” – Do I have to everyday??? To prove what? Pretend to you that I care?

“When can I call you?”- Can you use commonsense here please?

You Should Strive to Do Better

Some will argue it is courtesy but I really find that annoying personally. This is like a routine. It is cool if this is like an occasional mode of starting a conversation but when you chat with the same person every day and always begin like this, then, there is problem. Why can’t you just try to get more familiar with the person instead of asking Jamb Questions. Trust me if the lady is not yet into you, such message would be unread till forever if not deleted, unread.

Imagine someone hitting your DM or Facebook inbox with an ‘Hello’…and then wait till forever for you to respond with an “Hi”. My dear, you are trying to strike a conversation, not everyone have all the time in the world to go through those one word greetings, why don’t you just shoot up your case in the most pleasant way that you know even if you yourself hear, you wouldn’t resist a response.

Guys let’s try to spice up things. Don’t dull a lady or potential girlfriend with your terrible pickup lines. This same lady has plenty of guys hitting her DM and inbox trying to get her into a good conversation. She must have read and replied loads of hellos, good morning, happy new year, happy new month, are you based in Lagos?

You can even start by picking any of her captions, pictures or posts and start from there. That will definitely catch her interest. It shows you know a little about her and wouldn’t mind discussing with her. That could even make her decide to go through your page as well. And from there an interest could spark.

My Personal Experience

I remember an interesting situation of mine very recently. I had walked past this dude as he was sitting in his car and I had heard him say ‘Fine girl.’ I turned to look at him and was like…really? Is that the best pickup line you can come up with?

I clearly ignored and kept walking.

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On my way back, almost close to my destination, I had heard a continuous car horn and had turn to see Mr Fine Girl behind me.

‘Sorry to bother you, I saw you earlier and wish to talk to you.’

I stopped and turned to him.

‘Do you live around here?’

I paused. I was completely dressed for work, struggling to walk that long miles in my pumps and it was even during working hours? Plus the area I was at that time wasn’t even a residential area.

I stared at him in shocked and manage to mutter ‘No.’

‘Can I have your number please?’

I wanted to say no but felt I needed this one off my back and replied, ‘Give me yours instead.’

And guess what Mr Fine Geh asked me next?

“Is it MTN or GLO?”

Instantly, I went back to 10 years ago where people only called their network and would flash other networks expecting the person to call back because of the call tariff. He must have definitely not been informed of the new development in the telecommunication sector. And I felt sorry for him. I was so weak, I could not move. I struggled to walk away even as he kept honking his horn and I heard him said “What is wrong with this girl?”

Many will call it pride. Others will label it arrogance but then I am sorry but I can’t stand ignorance. There is no excuse for it. And I am sure many other similar minded ladies would agree with me. There are loads of technology advancement around us that can help enlighten us. Why then should some guys still continue to remain in the 90’s lifestyles.

Guys please step up your conversation game. Stop boring us. Stop making us wish we had not exchanged numbers with you or even given you attention in the first place. Make us not wanna say goodnight please. Lit up that chat!

This post was written by Debs of Debs Corner

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