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Ever wondered if this is it for you? More like is this what I’m cut out to do? Is this the direction I want my life to head to? You might be a recent graduate searching for a job or a worker earning a decent income, but that is not all there is to you.

In the midst of doing all of these, you might be at a cross-road in your life where you don’t know exactly what it is you want to spend the rest of your life doing. To live that life you’ve always envisioned, you have to find out WHO YOU ARE.

Before you take up some high paying jobs and sell off yourself to whatever company or individual hires you, ask yourself ‘ is this the right direction I want my life to go in’? Once you can answer this question with all clarity, you can then begin to actualize and live the life you want

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5 Steps To Self Actualization And Living The Life You Want

Write Them Down

Get a notepad and a pen, then carve out some alone time where you can be by yourself and map out what it is you want from life. Write them down as it kind of solidifies your ideas.

Do Some Research

Life in this 21st century has been made a lot easier with the advent of Google; now that you have an idea of what you want and it’s been penned down, make Google your friend. Carry out insightful research on what you want using Google, you’re sure to find a handful of useful tips.

Learn From Someone Better

There’s  a guarantee someone somewhere has done what you want to do before and shared some useful information about it; discuss your ideas with people who can help in one way or the other. No man is an island, bringing in the right set of people will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals

Take Action

Action they say, speaks louder than words. Now that you have a plan and carried out research, it’s time to take action. Begin to act on your dreams and watch them come to realization.

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Don’t Give Up

Whatever it is you are pursuing needs persistence, never give up on your dreams no matter what happens. There’s always a light at the end of every tunnel, even if you don’t reach your goal, you will find yourself further into self actualization than if you hadn’t started in the first place.


Written By – Alara Karis of ASK Blog


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