This poem tells a short story of a girl struggling with depression, suicidal ideation and how she finds redemption.
suicidal thoughts

Darkness has started to leak into her thoughts

Images flashing through her head

Leaving her stunned and breathless

She choke as the feeling consumes her

Laying there with doom written all over

She hears a silent – loud voice saying GIVE IN

Her eyes, she tried to shut and give in to the darkness

She awake to a place of horror

The very depth of her thoughts

She look around searching for peace

But all she find are more images to her past

Would this torment ever end?

Will she ever be free from the shackle of oppression?



Everything that comes out of her mouth is a cry for help

She has become a danger to herself

The only life she wants to take is hers, she is suicidal

She needs to be saved from herself

As she is drowning in her own mind

Help her!



There she stood with empty eyes

And no feelings to convey them

I could feel her pain because I have been there

My heart ached to talk to her

But my brain said otherwise

I learnt pain can be purposeful

When you let it

I took the courage

With tears in my eyes

And heart filled with love

Walked up to her, hugged her

Told her it was OK

Told her she was not alone

And in my arms she let out silent cries she’s been begging to pour out



I know what you feel,

The thoughts running through your head,

The unnerving fears you get,

The silent – loud voices in your head

There is no reason to life

Life never gave you a chance

The world gave up on you

Even before you had the chance to try

And all that is left is to take it

Take the life that was gifted to you

But NO!

Prove to life you’ve got more to offer

It may not seem like it now

But it’s OK to believe

I got out, so can you



it’s another opportunity to do better

To be a better person

To give life another shot at surviving

Because suicide is never the way out

It never was

Glad I realized that sooner

We’ve got you, I’ve got you


Dear young friend, having suicidal thought doesn’t mean you really need to take your life. It simply shows you are human with feelings, one who has seen all sides of life. It’s okay to tell yourself you deserve better than death. Please live!

Written by Kolawole Tosin. Check more beautiful writings by her on Instagram – Tosin Mo


  1. Expressive! I pray for peace for everyone going through this phase. It will pass, reach out and stay in touch.

  2. Expressive! I pray for peace for everyone going through this phase. It will pass, reach out and stay in touch.

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