Teen dating is one aspect of relationships we hardly talk about. We believe most people in relationships are adult but little did we know that most teens are involved in dating now than adult. Personally, I officially started dating when I was 17 after plenty years of crushing and catching feelings.

teen datingI had no one to tell me what to expect or what not to expect. I went into dating with a blank mind and it was not a good experience for me. Teen dating can be a wonderful and fun time where self-confidence is built up, and dating techniques are learned. Teens also learn how to be both assertive and compromising, how to be giving to another and how to expect the same in return.

So I am going to explore a few teen dating tips every teen should know.

Teen Dating Tip #1: Clear Communication

It is important to be firm in your decision and to communicate in clear terms. When you intend to say ‘No”, do not say it with a pleasant smile. Be firm with it and let your face show it. And do not allow yourself be persuaded from what you really mean.

Teen Dating Tip #2: Don’t Date Because Others Are

My first unofficial boyfriend was when I was 15. Ask me why I even thought of dating? Just because all the girl my age and my best friends are dating and getting cute gifts. I wanted to have that feeling too and get butterflies in my tummy. It’s always beautiful when I see their eyes glow when they talk about their date. But mine was a disaster. The guy was clearly older and smarter, all he wanted was sex. I never even felt any butterfly. I had to quit before it becomes hate. It was indeed a disaster for me and I learnt my lessons.

Teen Dating Tip #3: Stop Comparing

There are a million and one teen relationship out there and none can be same. What works for some will not work for you. In a case where one is wiser and matured than the other, there may be a balance but if you both are within the same age range and aren’t so exposed, then you may begin to disagree on so many things. And just because your friends seem to be having the perfect relationship doesn’t mean you won’t too. You just need more time to learn.

Teen Dating Tip #4: Find Someone Who Likes You Too

When a teen start dating and the feeling is not returned, it affects her self esteem as she grows older. She begin to question herself. Is she not good enough? Could it be her sense of reasoning? Does she dress poorly? This may affect her psychology. A normal relationship takes two people to love themselves and not one-sided. If this is your case, then you need let it go. It’s toxic for you.

Teen Dating Tip #5: Ask Yourself What You Want

Are you really in love with him/her? Do you share same dreams? Does he help you with your studies? Is she focused? Are you really ready for this or you just feel pressured to? Most teen dating are obsession, lust or friend’s pressure. So ask yourself over and over if you are ready to do this. Remember at that age, your education should be more important.

Teen Dating Tip #6: Initiate The Sex Talk

Do not wait until he ask you. Set the boundaries from the start. If you do not want to have sex in your relationship, tell him and let him understand why. Most teen girls that date older guys find themselves been pressured more for sex. I felt same with my first relationship. Having sex does not make you cool as a girl neither does it make you a man. If he is too persistent, walk away and do not feel sorry about it. You have your whole life ahead of you than worry about sex now.

What are your thoughts about teen dating? Which tip would you have added or remove? Kindly join the discussion…

Written by Debs of Debwritesblog

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