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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and FINALLY TGIF!!! The week just got better after a long week that seems like forever; you finally have time to take a break from work and lay off  the stress and pressure of five days.

Weekend break is a perfect way to get enough rest to help you recover without having any negative impact on you after resumption. Not all people can afford the luxury of taking a day off from work hence, weekend is a time to have that mini vacation from work.

So, it’s weekend once again and here are some useful tips to help you take the much needed break from work and have a great weekend:

Plan Ahead

Does that sound so strange? Like why do I need to plan for the weekend again, shouldn’t I just wake up on Saturday and do whatever I please?  Well, weekends are meant to be enjoyed but at the same time, you need to have a plan to enable you enjoy them to the fullest. If you’re going to make the best use of your break from work, a plan is necessary

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Would you like to hang out with friends, see a movie or just stay home and do your thing? Plan it the day or days before. You can be as spontaneous as you want but at the same time, begin with a plan.

Don’t Bring Work Home

Now this is a mistake several people make, it’s good to want to be at your very best with work but as much as you can, ensure you clear up your weekly work target by Friday so you won’t have any work carried over into the weekend. Your weekend is meant to be strictly for you and those you want to spend time with

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While doing this, family should never be left out. And in cases where there are no family members around, try to spend time with friends and some loved ones

Have A Bath

One good thing about Saturdays is the fact that more often than not, you are not in haste to get somewhere in the morning. Treat yourself to a bath, fill up your bathtub with water and put some bath stuffs in it.

break from work

Forget the shower for today; leave the water in the bucket. Just fill up that bath tub and delve into it; relax, meditate and enjoy the relief it brings for as long as you want to. Add more spice to your break from work by doing something fun and soothing


The relief that comes with sleeping can’t be gotten from any other activity, sleeping on Saturday can help refresh your memory and bring in fresh ideas. You are more productive when you feel settled in all part of your body.

These are just few of the numerous ways to enjoy your weekend, how to you relax after several days of work? Kindly share


Written by Alara Karis of ASK Blog

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