6 Blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Know


Blogging tips is one topic you can easily google search and find. You know everyone who writes for a blog or owns a blog automatically claims being a blogger. However, blogging goes beyond the art of scribbling. It’s a full-time profession, it’s not just a day job. As a blogger, I have spent days and weeks drafting a post. I have had days of sharing a post with just 10 views for weeks. I have been discouraged and even think of my posts as boring. Yes, it can be that tough and sometimes pretty easy especially when you have mastered it.

However, mastering the art of blogging is something you need to be patient with and learn overtime. It takes time, process, failure, success and learning. If you are willing and open to learning, then you would teach others tomorrow and be the most sought after.

Organicarticle 6 Blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Know

While I am not a pro blogger yet, I think overtime I have mastered this art well and I’m getting better at it as the day goes by. Let’s get to the tips already, shall we:

  1. Blogging needs consistency for it to grow.

    If you are not a consistent in what you do as an individual you would be stagnant, so will the activity. The same applies to blogging. You don’t blog once a month and then expect it to grow. At the same time, avoid posting now and then especially when it is not a gossip blog. Otherwise your readers will lose interest in your content. No matter how interesting your posts are, it will tire them out one day.

  2. Quality Content.

    Do not turn your blog to a dumping site. Review everything that goes on there. If you share a post the first time and it is poorly written, your close friends may find an excuse for you. Others may not. If it happens again, no one will come back. Work on your pictures, stop using watermark pictures. There are quite a number of sites where you can get free quality photos like Pexels. Download them to your phone or PC and you can redesign to your taste.

  3. Google is your best friend.

    Stop trying to guess. Everything you need is on google. Maximize it to the fullest. Do not rely on an info and assume it is the right info. Search on different sites and interpret in your language. In addition, when you get info on google, always quote the source to avoid been sued for plagiarism. I learnt how to master SEO using google, and I can teach it now to a good extent.

  4. Shameless Promo.

    Not all your followers are online at the same time. Not everyone have the patience to go through your timeline, so do not be ashamed to repost old or new posts repeatedly. Shamelessly promote your blog posts. Search has revealed that promotions done at the earliest part of the day and at lunch time get more reads and views.

  5. Suggested Reads.

    Always put suggested readings at the end of your posts or in between a new post. Just the same way online stores suggest to buyers like we see on sites like Jumia, you’d see something like (Customers also bought or viewed…), do same for your blog. There might be related posts that will attract visitors and make them an ardent reader, just like I have done below.

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  1. Cross Linking.

    If you are an SEO user, you’d realize even SEO would ask you to insert internal link. Therefore, try as much as possible to link related content from your old post in the new one. This gives your old posts more views and increases your blog traffic.

How helpful to do think this post is? What other blogging tips would you have loved to add to this? Have you tried any of this and has it worked? Kindly join the discussion, help a newbie to grow.

Written by Akingboye Deborah who blogs at Debs Corner.

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