Daily Living: 5 Steps to Making Each Day Count

Daily Living: 5 Steps to Making Each Day Count

making each day count

Rather than counting your days, embrace the habit of making each day count. Every new day, we all are provided with an equal opportunity to be happy, make a difference in our world and live our lives to the fullest. However, it is solely up to us to decide how we can make each day count.

Be grateful for what you have

Being thankful helps us acknowledge all the good things in our lives hence, our focus is taken away from negative emotions, fears and irritations. When you share your joy with others, it also helps to foster a strong relationship with them; rather than dwell on the ‘what ifs’, think about what can be done. A positive outlook goes a long way in determining life’s success or failure.

Help others

Cultivating the culture of helping others and making them feel better in their down periods will help in making each day count; develop a listening attitude and help others pour out their emotions. This simple act will give meaning to our lives, physical and psychological well-being inclusive.

Do the things you love

Being passionate and engaged in the things we want to do keeps us alive and in the process, we inspire others to do the same. Take out time to enjoy the seemingly little things that add spice to life and make life feel more important.

making each day count

Have a purpose for each day

When you have something fun and meaningful to look forward to each day, it gives you this drive to get started for the day. Purpose keeps you going in life and engages your soul with passion; passion helps to live a gratifying and satisfying life.

Have no fear for the future

If you really want to make each day count, then you need to learn to live life one day at a time; live each day to the fullest. Do not harbor any fear for tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself; constantly thinking about tomorrow will hinder you from enjoying all that today has to offer.

Add value to your life and that of those around you today by making your day count.


  1. September 13, 2017 / 3:28 PM

    Very inspiring, thanks.

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    Thank you very much dottie

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