Hi, and welcome to a new post. In this post, I would be sharing with you, tips to publishing a successful post on your blog.

Publishing a post isn’t just writing, posting, and done. There’s more to publishing a post, more so if you plan on being a successful blogger.


One very important thing a blogger must have is a blog journal. This journal would be dedicated to writing post ideas, awards you have being nominated for, your post schedule, and every other thing blog wise.

If you don’t have your laptop with you or what device it is you use to blog, you can always ensure your blog journal is with you, because you can be seized with inspiration at any time. Once you have an inspiration, or an idea for a post, WRITE IT DOWN. Don’t lull over it. Once the idea is still fresh, write it down.

If you’re a fashion blogger and you just see on someone a combination that is so lovely, don’t think in your head that you’ll write about it. Bring out the journal, and begin to write. If you wait to do that when you get home, chances are, you would not remember everything, as other happenings occurred, and you would then give it up.

You’re a make up blogger, you see something on someone’s face you haven’t seen elsewhere and think it’s a great idea, write it. On a bus you begin conversation with complementing the man sitting beside you about his hair, he tells you the things he used, WRITE IT DOWN.

You could be a food blogger, sharing the blessings of food, it’s recipes. You have gone somewhere to eat, the food is lovely, and you take the picture, to post about it on your blog. Go to the counter. Ask for the chef. I’m sure if you mention you want to do a review because you were wowed by the food, they won’t refuse free advertisement. Don’t just nod your head to all the chef is telling you. Take that book out, and write all he is saying down.

When you’ve gotten to the comfort of your home, you can then take your device, and type away. As you’re writing, you can tweak details in the post to make it better, but you have something to work with. With your memory and notes to guide you, it would increase the quality of your posts.


One important feature a post MUST have is images. Now, if you’re blogging about food for instance, there is a particular meal you are talking about. If you’re taking pictures from Google, take the ones related to the meal you’re talking about. Images helps your post be aesthetically pleasing, thus helping to sustain the readers interest. You can be writing a very lovely and interesting post, but if it’s all long with no image, there’s a fat chance the reader swipes to another post. If you’re a blogger who blogs about personal things and you’re describing a guy talking to you, let’s say it’s all humor. Use gifs. It cracks the reader, and overall support the tone of the post.

You may write poems. Who says you can’t use images? Sure you can’t be putting images at every stop, but you can put at the beginning. Just that picture that is just right for what you’re talking about. You’re a make up blogger and you think writing about comparing two products you used and giving a review without images would work? No. It wouldn’t, and you need to use images. Gifs to convey your expression on how you liked or didn’t like them.

Images are VERY important, and one of the things that help your post get the attention it deserves.

You should also make sure to have a feature image. That’s the main image that shows before the post is clicked. Two things you have to get right to make the reader open your post. One is something I am going to still discuss, and the other is your feature image. Use one that’s catchy, but is the core of the post.


Categories and tags are very important features a blog MUST have in each post. The two, categories, and tags, helps in getting your blog found. The categories helps to organize your blog. A lot of blog advisers say in order to be a successful blogger, you must be consistent. This, in other words, mean you should have a niche, what your blog is known for. For instance if it’s poems and stories, stick to that, but it is possible for a blogger to want to dip his hands in different sauces.

You could blog about make up, food, fashion, life style, happenings in your life, and about other things that catch your fancy. You can open categories for each of them, so when a reader goes to your page and prefers reading about your personal adventures, he can click that in the category, and every post that has that category selected would come out. While having different things you blog about, it would help keep your blog organized.

The tags are also very important. It is these tags that would help your posts come out when searches are made by the reader. For example you’re one who blogs on all things early childhood education. You have a post. Communicating To The Little One. Somewhere out there there’s someone typing in the search box, how to communicate with the little one.

Your topic it self should be part of the tag. You could include others like, early childhood education, education, teaching, the secrets to communicating with the little one, enjoying your job as a child’s teacher, and any other related thing that comes to your head. When something related is searched, it brings your blog part of the first results.

Before you publish a post, you must make sure that you have selected categories the post falls into, and input tags.


The title that a blog post has is VERY important. The title can do two things amongst many others. It can arouse the reader, thus making him to click the post, and it can make a reader not give it a second glance.

You have to be very creative with the title you use, and this is why I would advise you as a blogger to carve out your title after you’re done drafting the post. You can read the post through, and think of a title that is both befitting of the post, and still creative enough to catch the eye of the reader.

There is something very important however which you must put in consideration while picking out a title. DO NOT RESORT TO CLICK BAITING.

Click baiting might make the reader click your post alright, but it wouldn’t make him check out your other posts because he really enjoyed that one, neither would it make the reader follow your blog, or subscribe to your blogs because he doesn’t want to miss your posts. You may have a fantastic write up but they’re only skimming through the post, looking for what got them to click the post. Once they realize you don’t have that, they leave.

If you’ve racked your head and still can’t come up with something you think is creative, go for the one that is coming to you. That one that seems ordinary may just be the best suited for your post.


You need to go through your post before you click that publish button. Make sure your spellings are correct, make sure your tenses are correct. If, while putting up your draft, you made use of short forms because you wanted to write as it was pouring off your head and typing the full word wouldn’t cut it, you must make sure you go back and type the words correctly.

Use punctuation marks. Put a comma where one should be, a full stop where it should be, colons, semicolon’s, exclamation marks, and every other that you should use. You must also make sure your work is spaced out. Use paragraphs.

Spacing it out helps your post look neat, and organized. If it’s all jumbled, it does not favor the reader and she may just decide to read something else.


After you have published a post, satisfied that finally, you are done, begin to read posts by other bloggers. You see, there is a blogging community, and you can’t just put up a post, disappear, and wait for likes, shares, and feedbacks to come in.

There are other bloggers, whose posts you should read. Apart from the fact that you would like the post if it’s the sort of thing you enjoy, it can help you get readers. When you read a post, like it, it gets to the notification of the writer of that post, and there’s a big chance he checks your blog to see what you’re all about.

If you have something to say on the post, say it, but for the love of all things blogging, don’t comment something like…nice post. Anyone can put that in the comment section, but you can show that you really read it by saying what it is you liked in the post, and if it’s all of it, say so, but make sure to write something in relation to what the post is about.

And that is all about the tips for today.

Have you got any questions? Ask away.

If you liked the post, make sure to say so in the comment section, and if you’ve got any more tips, I’ll love to hear them.

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