5 Online Platforms To Promote Blog Posts After Publishing

promote blog post after publishing


In the previous post, we looked at social networking sites to promote blog posts. However, several online platforms to promote blog posts after publishing exist and that is going to be our subject for discussion in today’s post.

Making use of online platforms to promote blog posts is a way to drive massive traffic to your blog; the various platforms that exists include but are not limited to:

Email Newsletter

Dedicated blog readers most times can be found in your email newsletter; when a blog reader signs up for your newsletter, it connotes some level of interest in what you have to offer. Whenever you send such readers your published blog posts, it increases your views and shares; sending broadcasts to your email subscribers is a great way to promote blog posts after publishing.


Quora helps to show your brand and authority; in addition, it’s a great tool to promote blog posts after publishing. Several users exist on Quora and you can use that as an avenue to get ideas regarding upcoming posts.

Use the search bar to check for questions related to your keyword, then provide compelling answers while linking back to your blog.


This is a platform that makes use of visual content for marketing, it also has millions of visitors per month. Posting your blog post as a slide can help to promote blog posts after publishing. Ensure you make use of compelling pictures but with clear text to attract users to your slide.


On Reddit, you are allowed to set up your profile, ensure you make it as professional as possible. After setting up a professional profile, ensure you remain active in threads related to your niche. Reddit has over 174 million visitors each month and is a great platform to promote blog posts after publishing.


Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google hence, it gives room to promote blog posts after publishing. It makes use of videos and all you have to do is make use of compelling visuals; you don’t have to wait until you’re a pro in video making, you can as well make use of PowerPoint for your presentation with a links to your blog posts.

Which online platform(s) do you make use of in order to promote blog posts after publishing?


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