Eighty percent of the time we are asked “How are you?”, your default answer is “Fine”, “Great”, “splendid”, but we so much long to feel that way. To say “I’m good”, and actually feel it.

The secret to having that “good”, “great”, “nice” day lies in five basic tips I am going to share with you, so sit back, sip your coffee, eat whatever it is you have in your front and if you got nothing eating, get something, and then, get your journal, because these are practises you need to keep reminding yourself before it finally becomes a part of you.


Waking up early, starting the day early, is one very good way of guaranteeing you that “good” day. A lot of us are fond of waking up at just the time to rush everything and get to work right on time. I’ve found, personally, that waking up early enough, helps you during the day. You have just that time you need to clear your head, and prep yourself for another day.

While preparing for work, since you aren’t rushing, you have just the time to clear your head, and envision in your head, how you want your day to be. It also helps the mood. When you wake up early, and have planned your day, you feel more organized, and energized to kick start the day. To face that boss of yours, your professors, your classes.

If you long to feel that “fine” you say when asked how you are, remember to start your day early. That is the first.


Depending on what time it is you go for work, classes, visits, or whatever it is you have planned to do for that day, exercising in the morning is a way to give you that feeling you long for during the day.

When I mention exercise, I don’t mean pulling bar bells, carrying weights, and whatnot. I’m going to give a list of exercises you can do (if you wake up early enough that is. Refer to the first tip)

  • Jogging on a spot continuously

If you have finally yielded to the first alarm ring but can’t seem to shake the sleep out of your eyes, you can get up, and jog on a spot. Start slow, then build your rhythm faster, then go as fast as you can, stop, then do it again. This would get you pumped, and just about ready to face whatever it is that the day is going to bring you.

  • Say hello to that thread mill.

Sometime ago you were keen on keeping fit, you got a thread mill, but as time passed, you let it get dusty. Now is the time to go back to it. You have just woken up (early ?) you can go to the thread mill, work it. It will give you just that frame of mind you need to go about your duties and do it well.

  • Skip ropes

You can pick your jump ropes, and skip ’em. Challenge yourself to jumping a particular number. Hundred, a hundred and fifty, two hundred, as much as you like.


Depending on when it is you’re going to start you leave day, by start your day I mean going out for work, for classes, to visit a friend, and whatnot. You can clean the house early in the morning. Arrange your cup board, clean your bed, lay new sheets, and while at it, since and dance to music. Soundproof or not. You can actually try shouting while singing to see if someone would come to tell you to stop. Apart from the momentary embarrassment, you would end up laughing at yourself.

When you’re done and dusted and ready to go, while at whatever it is you’re doing, every once in a while, you would think about the fact that you’re going home to sleep on clean sheets. If you are one that loves sleep, I tell you, the thought of having a fresh bed all to your self when back from whatever you’re doing for the day would fill you with pleasure that would carry you on for the day.

Cleaning the house especially after that chore has been a victim of procrastination would actually feel you with relief. Crossing off chores in the chore list is always very fulfilling


You’re overdue for a pep talk. If every time you say fine you’re actually drowning inside, it is time for you to give yourself a pep talk. A pep talk according to an English dictionary app I have on my phone, is “A rallying speech made to instill enthusiasm and boost confidence”.

You just got cheated on by the thing you thought was the best thing that ever happened to you? So what? There’s no need to drown in mystery. Take an ice cream (or six ?), but see it as the end of a chapter. Not the end of the world. You just got laid off at work, go ahead and get drunk and feel sorry for yourself for just that night you go seeking the bottle, but the next day, begin to look at your options (if you didn’t already have), if you already had other options laid down, begin to implement them.

The bills don’t stop piling just because you have decided to live your life on a pause. As you brush your teeth in front of the mirror, talk to yourself. These convictions are better said out loud, so wash your mouth with water, spit it out, and talk to yourself.

Some idiot guy who you care so much just made you feel not beautiful? Tell yourself you do not need any one to diminish the way it is you look at yourself. Look at that face and smile. Say out loud the things you like about your self, in and out.

Your parents or friends said just the thing that makes you shut down, talk to yourself, and if what they said is true, accept it, this not giving it the power to hurt you again. Make positive confessions to your life for that day. It will give you just that right frame of mind you need to kick ass.

A pep talk doesn’t have to be in the morning. When you’re beginning to feel your good mood cloud, talk to yourself. It’s can all be mental. Your lips don’t have to move. You could be with a group of people talking and give yourself that talk. Your aim is to build that confidence.

If you do this in the morning, it gets you excited to see what the day has got for you, and gives you that great day you so much desire.


And finally, the fifth tip. Do something that people would consider unusual for you. If you’re one who likes challenges, you can think of it as such. You know what people who know you would say…now that’s unusual for Dale, do it, and look at people’s reaction. I’ll give a little list of things you could do if it’s not something you would normally do, but you know what you would consider “normal” for you, so do something else if these fall in the list of normal for you.

  • Greet your colleagues with a smile, and even make small talk with a few of them. If it’s a Monday for instance, ask for how their weekend was. If you’re one who mostly keep to yourself, that would keep a shocked smile on their face, they would appreciate it, and it would make you feel good about yourself.
  • Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long while. You have that friend that regardless of how long it is you’ve spoken with each other, once conversation is initiated, it seems like there wasn’t ever a break. If you’re in the habit of waiting for people to call you, do the calling this time. The person would appreciate it, and it’ll make you happy.
  • Cook. You like to cook, but you’re not eh exactly good at it, but you like doing it. Make time for it, take that cook book you’ve left to collect dust in a cup board, dust it, pick a dish you like how it looks, go out and get the things you need, and cook. Invite friends even if you aren’t so sure on how it would turn out knowing your history in the kitchen, but do it, and tell them they have to eat it regardless of how it turns out. If it turns out okay, good. If not, good. You’ll have a good laugh at the end.

  • Call your parents. As much as you claim to love your parents, you don’t call them, nor go to visit them. If they live so far that you can’t go visit them, call them. Tell them you love them, that you appreciate them. Of course it may make a sensitive parent worry especially if you don’t do that on a norm, but tell them you aren’t committing suicide ?.
  • Call your lover, send a romantic text. You leave all the calling and the romance to your partner because you see yourself as “unromantic”, but as you like seeing the messages from your partner, as it gives you flutters, that person would value it. This time, do the work. Take your partner out on a date, buy gifts, call the person and talk for long hours. It would leave you feeling happy, and what better way to have a day than be happy?

And there you have it. 5 Tips to giving you that “good” day you so much desire.

Practice them, make them a part of your daily life, and you’ll be a much happy person.

Thank you so much for reading. I blog over at


Feel free to comment your thoughts on the post, and if you have any other tip you’ll like to share, let’s hear it in the comment section ?



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    Thanks for the tips – Have a great day ?

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    Thanks for the comment. Have a great day too andy

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    Aww. Thanks alot dear

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