5 Social Networking Sites to Promote Blog Posts

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Organicarticle 5 Social Networking Sites to Promote Blog Posts

One major goal of all bloggers is to get their blog posts across to as many audiences as possible; this in turn helps to drive more traffic to the site. Having traffic on your site is an added advantage for bloggers who want to monetize their blogs; however, putting up quality blog posts is not enough.

In addition to quality blog posts, you want to ensure your blog posts are available in as much place as possible where your potential blog readers might be.

If you are on the journey in search of how to promote blog posts the right way nd in the right places, then this is for you. Check out these 5 social networking sites to promote your blog posts after publishing.


  • Facebook

Amongst the social networking sites to promote blog posts, Facebook is top on the list. This platform alone sends about 25% of social referral traffic to sites. Aside from just sharing a link of your blog posts on Facebook, there are other strategies to apply in order to promote your blog posts still on Facebook:

Facebook groups: Create a facebook blog group for your audience and use the group to keep in touch with them. Engage your audience in whichever way possible so that whenever you put up a new blog post, they will see it and in so doing, you get to promote blog posts.

Facebook status updates: On your Facebook timeline, put up status telling your audience about your upcoming blog posts and ask them to stay tuned so as to be informed when the post is finally published.

  • Twitter

This is another avenue to promote blog posts; twitter makes use of hashtags so you can use relevant hashtags when putting up links to your blog posts.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social site that helps promote blog posts a lot if you make use of great graphic. Making use of the appropriate hashtags in promoting your pins will help you promote blog posts.

  • Google plus

Google plus is the second largest social networking site after Facebook; it is a great avenue for bloggers and marketers to show off their brands. Taking advantage of this platform will drive even more traffic to your blog.


  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn comprises of professionals from different walks of life, sharing your blog posts there can help you attract the right audience which in return will drive traffic to your blog.


These tips when carefully followed and applied will give you the required results and help promote blog posts when put into practice. Got an idea on any other social networking sites to promote blog posts, kindly share in the comment section.


  1. These are nice. People, most especially see Facebook as the only social media that can promote a blog content. Nice job brother

    Valentine Nnanyere

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