Nowadays, when the man is asked what kind of woman he wants, whether a working one or a stay at home wifey, they quickly say that it’s a working lady they’re want, but when this is uttered, most of the time, they aren’t thinking the way they should think.

All the man is thinking is finance wise. They want to know that they would not be the only party bringing the cash in, but there is more to marriage than the money, and these things can bring a marriage down. Fact.

When they think of that working woman, they want that woman that contributes to the finances, they also want a mother to their children, they want a nanny (that’ll take care of the children’s needs), a cook, a house maid (to keep the house clean), a lover (to warm them up in the night and whatever else), and a thousand other duties.

I am going to give tips to men that are already reading this and know they’re guilty ?, on how they can still make a marriage work, even when the wife is a working woman.

A. Keeping The House Clean
Keeping the house clean is very important, and no one likes a dirty environment, even the person who doesn’t like keeping it clean, and if the issue of cleanliness of the house isn’t settled, it can lead to a big fight.

The cleanliness of the house IS NOT the sole responsibility of the woman. She shouldn’t always be the one picking the toys, or vacuuming the rugs, or cleaning the tables. You as a man you are walking past it as well, but because you have already delegated that responsibility to be that of the wife, you don’t even care to do it.

In a marriage, whether or not your woman is a working one, it is very essential. Now for a working woman, who is either going to work early and coming late, or working from home, you can’t expect her to do all the work. There is no hard and fast rule saying she has to do it if not there would be no peace. Your back would not break if you bend to pick a toy, neither is your position as the man in the house diminished as you pick a towel to clean the table. In fact, it would garner you more respect.

B. The Clothes
This may not be a big issue in a lot of homes because…washing machines. In homes where the wifey has to hand wash the clothes, you CANNOT burden her with washing YOUR clothes. You wore them after all. She is NOT your slave, and just because you are BLESSED and gifted to having her as a wifey does not make her your slave.

There are ways to work around it. You can give your clothes to the dry cleaners. If laundry is done at home, you don’t always have to let her attend to the pile of clothes waiting by the washing machines, even if they are just the kids clothes. They are also your children. You can go to the washing room, do the laundry, or even do it together. It’s fun that way. You should try it. And I tell you, it increases the love radar she has for you BIG time, because it shows love.

Love isn’t all about saying “I LOVE YOU”, and it isn’t all about buying gifts. Sharing the house chores amongst each other…it works ??.

As a man who is planning on getting married to a working lady or one who is already married to one and plans to have children or are already blessed with them, children are a HUGE deal in the marriage. The arrival of children have broken some marriages, and some, healed the marriage, and it all depends on how you maintain your relationship with each other even with the children.

It is ingrained in the head of a lot of men that the child is the sole responsibility of the mother. The feeding of the child, the taking of the child to school, the bathing of the child, and everything. It’s the mothers duty to them, and only when it’s time to go out to a carnival or play ground that daddy is active.

It gladdens my heart to see that a lot of men’s mentality on this has done a 360. As a man, you can bath your child. You can read her bedtime stories. You can take him to school. You can cook his meals (know your strengths. If you can’t cook, stay away! ?. Don’t go poison the small boy), you can wash his play clothes.

The woman doesn’t always have to do it. If you have a working woman as wifey, you should help her out. She is also working,and whether or not you bring more cash home, she is working, and you have to help her.

Ah! Food…the surest way to a man’s heart.

I have known guys that cannot cook jackshit at certain years (like 26…), and they say it like it’s the most normal of things. He is a guy after all, but when they see a lady that cannot cook at the same age, they are all scrunched noses, judgy, and just annoying. Why? WHY???!She is a lady. That’s their reply. Although this has more to do with culture than anything, I’ll just continue on the topic.

Your wifey could be the best cook you have ever seen, but she is also a working woman, and that means you may not be getting home made dishes as much as you like.

Guys…there are days you just gotta stick with take outs. I’ve seen men that work the same hours as their wifey, but still expect food on the table by time they are back. When they come back together, the wifey goes into the kitchen to whip something up, and the man is in front of the television, playing with his phone.
And in the night you still expect her to come willingly into your arms…

Come on…


She’s tired. You went out together. You see how much she worked herself. If you’re so bent on eating home made food that day then the least you can do is drop that phone or whatever it is, and help her in the kitchen.

She may not give you much work. Probably to get her this or that, but what she would appreciate the most? Your presence.

It’s no secret that we women feel very deeply, and an act that may seem so ordinary to you may melt all the blocks in her heart for you.

Treat her to a meal or two sometimes. Take her to somewhere comfortable for your budget. It doesn’t have to be somewhere elaborate and big for her to appreciate it (Disclaimer : You know your wife ??)

Respect is VERY essential in a relationship, and partners need to respect each other. The wifey needs to repect her hubby, and the hubby to respect his wifey. Public, and private respect. When you’re in the house either alone with each other or with your children, you have to treat each other with mutual respect, and same applies when you’re outside.

There are men who take pride in shutting their wives down or just waving off their opinion like its that if a nonentity, in FRONT OF THEIR FRIENDS, and see it as some sort of dominant move…like she’s my slave and I got the power over her…

It may take a while, but her cup would still get full, and when it does, man, you’ll have your work cut out for you, cause I tell ya, it would get ugly.

5. EGO
And the last tip. Your ego.
Those boys would have to take a looong trip, especially if you haven’t married a submissive woman. By not getting married to a submissive woman, I don’t necessarily mean a controlling one. I mean one that counters your view when she doesn’t accept it or reason with logic, and one that will talk back to you and not cower when you issue a command (??).

What gives a lot of men the edge in their relationship with their woman is the fact that they work and bring in the cash, while the woman is a stay at home wifey that doesn’t bring almost anything except home wise (and that in itself is VERY important.). Anyway, as a result, they get away with a lot of things they do, but when it’s with a working woman…damn you not getting off the hook that easily mister.

She will challenge you, talk back to you, not to disrespect you, but as you have a big ego and not used to being served by a woman, shit can get real, hence why I say the ego has to go on a long…I mean…forever trip.

Your marriage is till death do us part ain’t it? You have to learn to listen to her views, and be understanding.

And when you follow these tips, it’ll make a happy marriage I tell ya.

And there you have it. 5 Basic tips to making a marriage with a working woman work.

Have you learnt some things and begun to repent already (As I hope ?)?

Do you have dissenting views you would like to share?

Are you a lady who totally agrees or disagrees with the tips here?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the post in the comment section.

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