Hello there, and welcome to a new blog post. As you can already see from the title, this is a fashion post (Yayyyyy!!!)

To the ones of you sporting their all to famous boring faces, I’ll tell you to change it now ?

Fashion, whether we like it or not, is part of our lives. To the very simple task (only on rare occasions) of picking out our daily wear, to the extravagant fashion shows held all around the world, fashion is part of our lives. Now, clothes that the “casual” man should have.

“Corporate or casual”. In the getting to know stage of would be “daters”, then probably later “couples”, this is one of the questions asked. Are you a guy that would rather be in casual clothes? Or would you wear corporate anytime? Are you more comfortable in corporate wears?

The guys choose which they are, and today, I am going to be treating the casual guy. What clothes must you have that make the statement of you being a casual person be?

Being casual doesn’t mean ragged. You can be casual and still look very yummy ?

I’ll jump right into the post now. I think the intro is enough ? (…and y’all are just wondering when I’ll stop and give you the goodness to upping your casual game)


Denim. Denim. Denim. There is almost no one that does not have a clothing in denim material. Denim (jean) pants, denim jackets, denim ear rings, denim shoes (Yes. Shoes), and that’s to say, regardless of how “corporate” you are, there’s still that casual there. Denim can turn a corporate wear to a casual one. Slip it over a shirt and pants. Viola! (I once sighted a guy I liked in this. Ohhhh yum!)

Your denim jean pants can be paired with a simple white tee shirt, a white shirt, a black tee with some kick ass jacket to go with it, and so so much more. I’ll leave my email at the end of the post if you’ll like me to help you style your denim.


You say you’ll take a casual wear to a corporate wear any day and you don’t own a pair of sunglasses? Sun glasses gives off that “cool” look. A sunny day, rocking that casual look, that sunglasses that have been sitting for forever on your table might just give you that look you want.


By shorts, I don’t mean err…boxers, or briefs, or whatever else it is that you wear as under pants. I mean shorts. The ones that just stop above your knee.

There’s something about a guy’s legs that gets ladies excited. Some love the hairless legs, some (like me ?) love the hair full legs, and some aren’t particular about the hair situation.

Whatever it is, we like to see the legs (For some reason I’ve met guys who are protective of their legs. Do they think we’ll jump on them? Probably ?)

And the shorts just says “casual, but casual”. Depending on where it is you’re going, you can sport your shorts with different looks.

“Sport your shorts” who noticed the pun ?


Every one should own PAIRS of sneakers, and if you’re the casual guy, you shouldn’t be lacking in the sneakers department. What is worn on the legs is as important as every other thing that is worn. Your shirt, shorts, whatever. It’s as important.

You could be having a big game with your clothing attires, but get it to a zero quickly if you aren’t wearing the right thing on your legs. It’s not all attires that requires loafers on. Or palms, or sandals. Sometimes, sneakers do the magic.

5. BAGS.

Your bag is part of your attire. It’s part of your fashion. You can’t wear a dope attire then have the wrong kind of bag on your arm. The bag gives a certain swag to the whole dressing, and just completes the look. You can wear your bag in different ways. On your shoulders, across your chest, over your neck, so far it is okay with the clothing you have on.


And there you have it! The 5 wears the casual man must have. Are you the casual guy? Do you not have any of these? Tell me how you manage the casual look without them.

Are you the opposite? Do you possess every thing on this list? Or do you feel you still rock the casual look without something stated here? I know for sure that I did not cover all that should be contained in the wardrobe of the casual guy, so feel free to give out tips in the comments section.

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Thank you for reading.


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