Earn From Blogging: 3 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

earn from blogging

Earn From Blogging

Organicarticle Earn From Blogging: 3 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

In the last post, we looked at the possibility of becoming a full time blogger and how to go about it, blogging is so much fun if you learn its rules and abide by them.

Do you want to add some spice to blogging, earn from blogging and make it a place where visitors troop in every passing moment? If you answer is yes, then this post is meant just for you.

How can you earn from blogging?

Several bloggers exist out there who have quit their day jobs and made full time blogging their life, and it has definitely paid off as they constantly earn from blogging.

However, you can join the list if you’re willing to do what it takes; now this is not as difficult as it seems.



Here are some ways to earn from blogging:

  • Display advertising

Several paid bloggers do this, display advertising just as the name implies simply means putting up an advertisement for a product, brand or anything at all on your blog and getting paid for it in return.

Note that these adverts can be placed anywhere on the blog such as above and below a blog post, at the sidebar or any other place you so choose.

You get paid based on the number of views the advertisement sees. This method is more effective on a blog with massive traffic.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing works through links, you place affiliate links in a blog post and get paid as people buy the product through your links.

It’s not so difficult to set this up moreover, the more people purchase such product through your links, the more you earn from blogging.

  • Selling your own products

You can create your own products such as writing an e-book, running a course, training etc.

The list of ways to earn from blogging is endless; more tips will be added with time. Got more tips for bloggers to earn from blogging? Kindly share.


  1. Your article gets the job done perfectly as far as to what extent it takes to begin profiting!
    Starting a new account with Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to start monetizing your blog. While Google AdSense might not make you rich, it’s a simple and useful tool. It’s usually the first step bloggers take to earn an income from their blogs because it is so easy to get started.

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