10 Important Things to Carry Along for any Business Trip


Organicarticle 10 Important Things to Carry Along for any Business Trip

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Often than not, deciding what to pack for a business trip can be a very discouraging task, especially for a first time business traveler. Even the regular business travelers are not left out either; they also encounter difficulty when it comes to making a list of important items to take with them. If you happen to be caught in this web, then you need not worry. Below is a list of ten important items to carry along with you for your next business trip:

1. Portable Wi-Fi Although some hotels in Lagos provide free Wi-Fi access to their guests, https://travel.jumia.com/en-gb/hotels/nigeria/lagos/6289147 there are some that do not. And connecting to the paid internet services available in the hotel can be quite expensive. As such, it is important you carry your portable Wi-Fi along with you every time you are going on a business trip. This will save you the extra cost of paying to use the internet. It will also keep you connected to the internet at all times so that you do not miss out on important mails.

2. Laptop
A laptop is a very important item to carry along for a business trip. This is because the computers at the business-center in your hotel accommodation might not have the software you require. As such you will be better off if you carry along your personal computer or a wide-screen tablet to help you keep tabs on your daily assignments.

3. Plug Adapter
Instead of relying on your hotel accommodation to provide a plug adapter for you, it’s better you bring yours along with you for any business trip. A plug adapter can come in handy at any time during your business trip, such as charging your laptop, mobile phones, and other electronic devices that require charging.

4. A Name Badge
A professional name badge is important for networking during business trips. Do not rely on the hosting organization to design a name badge for you, as they may not get it right.

5. Plenty of Business Cards
It is a bad idea to run out of business cards while on a trip. So always ensure you tuck extra business cards into your briefcase, wallet/purse, luggage as well as your suit pockets. This way, you will hardly run out of them while on a business trip.

6. A Memory Stick
A memory stick is as important as a laptop. As such, always ensure you take it along with you when going for a business trip. As you may need it to copy or transfer presentation files to other people while networking.

7. Water Bottle
Taking a water bottle along with you during your business trip is a good decision. As this will save you the cost of buying bottled water every time. This is one of the best investment a cost-conscious person embarking on a business trip can make.

8. The Right Clothes
When preparing for a business trip, always ensure you research the prevailing weather condition in your travel destination. This will enable you pack the right type of clothing you will need throughout your stay.

9. A Sizable Luggage
A durable and size-able luggage is one of the most important items to carry along with you for a business trip. In fact, it is the first item you think of when preparing to travel for business purpose. As such, it is expedient you invest in a durable one of moderate size. So you don’t buy a new luggage every time you intend to go on a business trip.

10. A Camera / Smart Phone
A camera will come in handy at those moments you sneak out of your hotel accommodation to get a view of the city. If you can’t get your hands on a good camera, then take a smart phone with a high resolution camera along with you. This will help you memorialize an important meeting or occasion.

Written by Sandra Enaholo Dare

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