In a bid to fit in an ever busy world, we should also strife to stand out in order to make the required difference – Alara Karis


Let’s just go ahead and become what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren’t.
Romans 12:16 (MSG)

So there’s this bright idea sprouting from deep within the figments of your imagination as a result of that longing to become something. The more you think of it, the stronger the desire and the closer you get to the big accomplishment. Plans begin that will help in bringing your dreams to reality.

On and on you go then all of a sudden, there’s a roadblock. Not one in the physical sense of things but one created as a result of a deep longing in your heart to become something someone else is.

And there goes the beginning of unending frustration, you believe so much in yourself and also have the drive to push things forward but things aren’t going like you want them.

Then there goes the question:

What is it I’m doing wrong?

Truth is that more often than not, you’re far too engrossed in fulfilling someone else dreams to tell yourself the truth. The truth remains anyway:

‘No matter how hard you try and how determined you are in becoming what you’re not cut out for, the end result will most likely be confusion and frustration’.


Stick to who and what you are without wishing to be what someone else is. Your true worth and sense of fulfillment lies in discovering and becoming all you’re meant to be.

There is already a number one for that person, quit trying to play second fiddle and become a number one best in what you are cut out for.

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