Defining Habit


Habits can be simply defined as the intersection of knowledge, skill, and desire.

A Fable

There is this fable of a poor farmer who one day discovers in the nest of his pet goose a glittering golden egg. At first, he thinks it must be some kind of tricks.

But as he starts to throw the egg aside, he has second thoughts and takes it to be appraised instead. The egg is pure gold! The farmer can’t believe his good fortune.

He becomes even more incredulous the following day when the same experience is repeated. Day after day, he awakens to rush to the nest and find another golden egg. He becomes fabulously wealthy; it all seems too good to be true.

But with this increasing wealth comes greed and impatience. Unable to wait day after day for the golden eggs, the farmer decides he will kill the goose and get them all at once. But when he opened the goose, he finds it empty.

There are no golden eggs; and now there is no way to get any more. The farmer has destroyed the goose that produced them.

Within his fable is a natural law, the basic definition of effectiveness. True effectiveness is a function of two things: what is produced (the golden eggs) and the producing asset or capacity to produce (the goose)

With time, habits become the basis of a person’s character; creating an empowering center of correct maps from which an individual can effectively solve problems.

Not only these, it also helps to maximize opportunities and continually learn and integrate other principles in an upward spiral of growth.

You might begin to wonder how habits are necessary for effectiveness, truth is no successful man or woman out there ever became effective at what they do without putting some habits into practice.

In my next post, I will take you through some of these habits. But in the meantime, I would love to read your thoughts below.

Culled From: The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People By Stephen R. Covey

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