To-Do List

List of tasks that need to be completed, typically organized in order of priority

Do you move around practically all day with so much on the table  but achieving very little or some days, nothing at all. The list of things to be done is endless but you find yourself lazing around more often than not. When things to be done are not done, it not only leads to performing way beyond expectation but also frustration and lack of fulfillment without  a To-Do list.

Not carrying out the tasks meant to be carried out does not necessarily mean you don’t have the required skills and abilities to perform them, it might just be due to the fact that the zeal, urge and motivation to do them just isn’t there.

What To Do In Cases Like This

Most times when there is need for urgency, you simply drag your feet around all day waiting for things to happen by themselves. Truth is, things won’t just happen until you make them happen. One way to make things happen in this case is to have a To-Do List.

Benefits Of Having A To-Do List

The importance of a having a daily List cannot be overemphasized, not only does it make one accountable for the day; it also helps to achieve so much in a short frame of time.

It Helps You Remember

Making a list every night of all that you plan doing the following day helps you remember all that you’ve planned doing the following day. This is because you have them all spelt out on your list and you can always go back to it when you feel you’re missing out on something.

It Keeps You Disciplined

The more you’re engaged in the daily routine of carrying out the tasks listed on your To-Do List, the more disciplined you become at achieving your daily goals and other things in general.

You Achieve Much In Little Time

When you have all your activities listed out in order of priority, it quickens the time you spend in doing things. This is because you don’t have to wander around thinking of what next to do and wasting time in the process. Everything is arranged, you easily complete a task and move on to the next one.
Do you keep a daily To-Do List? How has it helped you?

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