Writing: Tips For New Writers (2)

Writing: Tips For New Writers (2)

Being A Writer

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No, You Don’t Have to Follow the Trend


Writing can be a bit challenging at times especially when you see other writers doing really great at their various niches. I’ve had several encounters with people telling me (they meant well though) to try doing what the seemingly successful writers are doing, post what they post about so I can start getting the type of feedback they get.

The challenge with venturing into this is that it takes you off track. You might hide behind the façade for a while and perhaps get the desired result; but the question is for how long? How long can you put up with the trend rather than staying put to your identity as a writer. You might even get lost in the process of trying to follow the trend. Pay attention to yourself and identify your strengths.

Not Every Writer is an ‘All-Rounder’

Different folks have their different strokes; some writers are good at poetry, some are good at writing stories and others might just be good at writing articles. There are some who happen to be really good in all aspects of writing. What’s my point exactly? You should know what niche you’re good at and work at getting even better at it. Be a master of your craft; be so good at your niche that you become the best in that area.

Write, Read and Write

Practice they say makes perfect, the best way to get better at writing is to write often. Make consistency your watchword in your life as a writer. Read the works of other writers, expand your horizons.

Never Restrict Your Imaginations

One powerful tool you have as a writer is the power of your imagination, usurp it. Allow yourself imagine things and don’t hold back. Most times our imaginations run so wide and wild that we picture some things we can’t put down in words all because we are too worried about how the world will see us. Your mind is really powerful and can accomplish so much only if you let it. Let your imagination run wide, pen down your thought and you will be amazed at the outcome.

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