Writing: Tips For New Writers (1)

So You’re A New Writer?

Over the years, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about writing that has really helped me in my journey and career and journey as a writer. Before I go deep into details; there’s a certain kind of mentality that is common to most writers in our world today. If you’re a writer, you probably would have had an encounter with this in one way or the other.

What Writing Is Not


Writing is not you trying to share your ideas in someone else’s pen

What do I mean by this? Most starters make the mistake of thinking for them to become great writers; they have to write the way their mentor in the field writes. This isn’t true, it’s okay to have writers who inspire you to be a better writer through their writings; what is not okay is when you begin to put your foot into this particular person’s shoes just so you can write like him/her.

Writing is creativity and no one ever became a good writer by writing what someone else has written or by trying to fit into their shoes. It is simply you expressing your innermost thoughts through a type of creativity that is peculiar to you and you alone. It is you pouring out your mind un-apologetically, painting your own world and the world around you in your own words.

The next time you find yourself with a pen and paper, eager to put down your thoughts; ask yourself these questions and answer them accordingly with all sincerity of heart.

  • Does this genre come naturally to me or am I writing like this simply because I’m trying to be like a writer I look up to?
  • Am I creating my own niche through my writing or am I playing second fiddle to someone else?
  • Am I free under my own writing skin or do I still feel the need to hide behind someone else’s shadows?

These and many more are questions you should ask yourself if you’re really serious about becoming a writer. Be yourself, express yourself freely and paint a picture of that rare uniqueness peculiar to you alone through your writings.

What is writing to you? Suggestions needed please.

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