Vacations: Why You Should Travel Solo


Having People Around

People as we all know are very vital in our life’s journey; they are always there every single step of the way. Insomuch as people are required to keep us going, there is always a point where we need to go solo. This isn’t because we are surrounded by the wrong people (although this might be a factor) but because there are times when we just need that solitude that comes from being alone. At this point, all you need might just be a vacation that requires you travel alone.

Travel Alone – The Game Plan

Organicarticle Vacations: Why You Should Travel Solo

You will be quite amazed at the benefits you stand to enjoy by travelling solo. At the initial stage, it might seem lonely and somewhat boring but this might simply be because you’ve not had a taste of what it feels like to travel solo.

Benefits Of Travelling Solo

A Breath Of Fresh Air

There’s this feeling that comes with embarking on a journey alone. It’s like spreading your arms wide, eyes close and breathing in fresh air. No distractions, just you doing and being you without caution.

Read And Savour The Environment Without Distraction

Have you ever had to travel in the company of others with a book you plan reading in the course of the journey but unable to all because there’s someone craving for some conversation. I know you wouldn’t want to appear rude. Well, it happens all the time. Travelling solo gives you all the required time and space needed to read that book and also enjoy nature in solitude.

Self Discovery

When you travel solo, it gives room for meditation without distractions. It allows you reflect deeply and unlock some hidden things about yourself.

Do What You Love

Solo trips allows for you to engage in whatsoever it is you want, anyhow you choose and in whatsoever way. It could be writing, painting, singing, the list is countless. Traveling in the company of others might not give enough room for this.


There’s something about going places alone, it makes you do things by yourself rather than hide behind the shadows of your friends. The more you do this, the more you gain that full confidence you so much desire.

Truth is you stand to gain a whole lot when you travel alone beyond what you can even imagine for yourself. Just in case you happen to be a crowd person ‘love going around in a click’, planning to travel solo will actually do you a whole lot of good. Start making that plan for a solo travel today and you’ll be glad you did.


  1. I love this! Some of my favourite trips I have taken are solo ones, I always find when you are travelling, you are never alone unless you want to be. I’ve made some of my closest friends while travelling by myself! I’ve just started writing a travel blog about the places I have been – feel free to come check it out! ?

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