How to Use Education Based Marketing to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

How to Use Education Based Marketing to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

Education based marketing

Marketing in the 21st century has gone beyond what you used to know. To be relevant today, you must be using one marketing strategy or the other that is uncommon in your neighbourhood.

One of such marketing strategies every entrepreneur in Nigeria need to know and implement right now in their business (especially online businesses) is Education Based Marketing.

Like BusinessKnowHow rightly said, “Education-Based Marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that establishes trust and credibility using educational messages.”

Before you proceed to use it, may I quickly tell you a few reasons why you need to incorporate it into your marketing strategy when your competitors are using sales-based marketing to bore their customers.

Why Entrepreneurs in Nigeria Need Education-Based Marketing

#1: To Build Trust

These days, trust is one commodity that is too expensive in the market that for you to have one, you must earn it. You will need to work your butt off for it.

You will be setting yourself up for failure if you think people don’t need to know and trust you before deciding if they will buy your products and services or not. I guess it’s the highest level of disservice you can do to yourself.

So instead of just selling like every other entrepreneur in Nigeria is doing, go ahead and educate your audience about your product first without pitching.

#2: Not All Your Competitors Are Using It

Like I’d said, education-based marketing is a new trend of marketing strategy in Nigeria. Not many marketers are currently using it – that I guess is because it frowns at incorporating sales pitch into it – which most of them are just too impatient to handle.

Stand out with your marketing strategy

If you are highly motivated, walking through the terrain your competitors are scared to the bone to walk gives you leverage to masterfully use it to your advantage.

What exactly am I saying here?

If you can make your prospects know what your product does, how not to use it, when best to use it and some other expert information your competitors will find complex to share, they will prefer shopping with you to your counterparts.

#3: Help Your Prospects Make Great Purchasing Decision

Nothing gladdens the heart of a customer like knowing that they didn’t goof while purchasing a product at a particular price. Their desire is to go home feeling privileged, proud of the smart decision they made and the guarantee that they saved money in the process.

When a prospect gets educated about a particular product long before their buy, it enables them to quickly figure out if they will make purchase now, later or never.

Unlike in traditional marketing where the salesman leaves you to your fate, education-based marketing helps you go through the process of thinking deeply if the product will be relevant to you even before you buy.

#4: Everyone Will See You as an Expert

We know that a person is an expert based on the value they share.

If you are the type that hoard valuable information because you don’t want people to make money with your ideas without first paying you for it, then I need you to reprogram your mind, otherwise, this marketing strategy will never work for you.

More so, many who would have ordinarily bought your product won’t know you have such a great content if you don’t get pleasure in sharing.

In education-based marketing, we share expert information, share expert information and share yet more expert information. The consistency is where the buzz is generated.

And when we do this, people follow us, trust us and will always feel guilty not to buy our products.

Jump-start your marketing strategy

#5: People Are Already Succeeding with It

I see a lot of folks use education-based marketing but some of them don’t really know what they do. It’s either they saw someone do it and they copied it, or it’s just naturally there in them.

Funny enough, a few others have abused it till a point most prospects now see it as a trap.

Though this kind of marketing strategy hasn’t become very common here in Nigeria, but the truth is that I have seen it play key role in generating heavy traffic when used on Facebook advertising.

Exactly How to Use Education-Based Marketing

Educating people about your niche or industry is an excellent opinion. But how best can one do it so that it doesn’t end in 0% ROI?

This is exactly what I will be sharing a few points on now.

See eh, no matter how small your niche is or how unknown your products and services are, there’s always a fraction of your present audience who are ready to buy now – experts said it’s about 3% of your audience, while 6 – 7% are open to buy if given a well convincing pitch.

This percentage of your audience are the ones you must do everything to grab their contact in exchange for the value you are bringing to the table.

What am I saying?

Take for instance you want to reach out to agro-allied farmers who are into poultry and fish farming, you can create a post on “21 Things You Need to Know about Running a Successful Fish and Poultry Farming,” and at the end of the post, you can make an offer to forward a mini report on, “3 Mistakes all Agro-allied Farmers in Nigeria Must Avoid at all Cost.”

Don’t you think anyone, no matter how stingy the person might be about giving out their email contact will not hesitate to hand that over to you in exchange for that mini report?

Honestly, I think the person must be silly not to do so, except they didn’t learn something unique from your previous content or they have no interest in agro-allied business.

One more way to apply it…

If I want to sell a digital service that involves setting up Messenger Bot for bloggers or thought leaders who deal with lots of contents every day, I can write a post on “Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Messenger Bot.”

At the end, I will create an unusual curiosity to know more about Messenger bot and strong desire to own one in my audience.

That said, I have been able to achieve my aim of telling people that I can actually set up their messenger bot.

How can you see that working in your business?

Pick a topic you would like to consult for a client if need arises and start talking about it.

Note: Don’t talk about what you can’t monetize immediately.

I never made a post on how to make payment online with ease using internationally accepted cards (not your Mastercards banned in Nigeria) until I had my dollar card and was ready to sell the service to others.

That strategy made it easy for me to earn money for sharing my expertise.

Conclusively, I want you to tell me something you learnt from this blog post, what business you are into and I will tell you exactly how you can implement education-based marketing in your business right away to grow it to a whole new level.


  1. ramatsadoh
    April 23, 2017 / 9:41 PM

    Great post. I am actually doing this unconsciously but this post has helped in emphasizing the advantages of education based marketing.
    I am presently into selling health supplements for diabetes and would love any advice you can give to me in that direction.

  2. Emenike Emmanuel
    April 28, 2017 / 1:18 PM

    Hi Ramatsadoh,

    Wow! This is interesting.

    You are right, most people are also doing it unconsciously. But nothing supersedes being aware that the marketing strategy you are implementing are what experts around the world are also doing.

    I’m glad you are now fully aware of how this strategy can be helpful to your business.

    Now over to your question.

    Do you have a blog or a Facebook page where you dedicate to promoting this product? If not, you need to. But beyond that, you can start educating your audience on everything related to diabetes: what’s diabetes, types of diabetes, how to prevent diabetes with natural herbs and why natural cure (using organic supplements) is better than inorganic medicines.

    That way, your audience will come to know you, trust you and always be willing to buy from you.

    Implement these things and get back to me on this platform.

    Best regards.

    Emenike Emmanuel

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