TO CHASE AND TO CLAIM (EPISODE 13)   The music was so loud, as loud as the thunder, making the cutlery on the table tops jump consistently. Neon lights flashed everywhere like police siren except that they were a lot more...
DADDY'S GIRL (Episode 26)   *************** He stared at his friend refusing to believe what his eyes were seeing... He blinked thrice and stepped forward to take a closer look, maybe the darkness that had begun to engulf the bushes were making...
PULL OVER (Episode 2) Thanks for opening this chapter. I couldn't wait for you to meet Manir. Ssshhh...eyes closed... It's unedited too, bear with me, please. Manir's POV Can I do this right? Immediately I heard the doors creak, I knew she was in and I released the...

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